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Hello everyone..

Ive been googleing these past couple days because on the 27th around 9pm i started was pinkish..then the next started bleeding more...not much..but more than the night came with very tiny bit of blood clots. And today..i stopped bleeding. Its just dark brown when i wipe. Is it my period? Can anyone help? Cause i usually get my period 3 days or 4. And its heavy bleeding..i have all the symptoms of what could be early signs of pregnancy...but i took a pregnancy test just tonight and it came out negative.


  • Hi Hun it does sound like implantation bleed of what I have read up on! I thought I had implantation bleed but mine was different to yours mine was definately a period hVe you been docs? How many days past ovulation re you? 

  • Hello there,

    Thank you so much for going crazy here...just because im trying to get pregnant again...and i thought it was implantation bleeding...but i dont know. Because i took a hpt lastnight and it came out last period started may 29 and ended on the 1st of june..and i dont really get when im supposed to ovulate. Pls help.

  • ice just worked out your ovulation and its. Saying you was fertile on 8th of June Hun? Have you tried period calculator and ovulation calculator too? I know the feeling I am desperate to have a baby and have the best boyfriend we feel ready I'm waiting to see if I come on this month so fingers Crossed for us both xx

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