Cycle day 47 no period, bfn?

bf and I have been having sex almost everyday for about a month now, my last period was May 15th and was expected again June 19th but is still not here. I have taken to HPTs and one was negative the other I cannot tell (I will attach the pic) I am very very tired, my back is unbelievably sore, everything makes me cry, and I have had headaches more often. Some cramping and sore lower abdomen. My cervix is pretty high but I cannot tell if it is closed or open, and my CM content has been pretty high. Has anyone been in or is currently in my position? I'm lost


  • Hi Maria, 

    I completely understand your situation. I have had very similar symptons to yourself. Last month I did some home ovulation tests around the time I thought I may be...but came back negative also did some HPT on my AF due date but nothing. As I'm currently on CD 62 I'm not hopeful and my body is all over the place from coming off the pill. Have you ever been on a pill? This could be what's messing with your cycle??? Have you been to the doctors for a blood test? 

    We're currently moving house so im hoping to go to the doctors for a blood test as it is quite disconcerting. 

    Let me know how you get on Xxx

  • I have been off the pill since 9-23-14 so I don't think that should be an issue I've had regular periods since then. I'm on day 52 now and I have had spotting 7/2, 7/4, and 7/5 which is very uncommon for me. Maybe I ovulated later than expected? I don't know whats going on! Going to test again later this week. Good luck and baby dust to us both!! 

  • Hi Maria, 

    have you retested? How are you getting on? Xx

  • Yes still negative tests and can't get into the Drs until July 21st, so more waiting!! Ugh still no AF now on cd 56

    how are you doing, any news? 

  • I feel your frustration....I'm on CD 71 now and just moved house so had to sort out Drs before I can get a blood test appt! image 

    if nothing else it would just be nice to have a few answers for peace of mind and know that what's happening is 'normal' 

    keep me posted on your news xxx

  • I'm now on cycle day 61 and still no sign of af, I have an appt on the 21st to get things figured out.

    wish me luck!!

    like you said, I wish I just knew either way!

  • Snap Maria, 

    i have are a blood test sorted for 20th. I shall keep my fingers crossed for you! 

  • Yay! Best of luck to us both

  • I'm on cycle 38 1 faint positive others negative ????

  • Yep I'm in the same boat except I'm on cycle day 63 now, with very light bleeding on and off for about two weeks now. Probably only a total of 5-6 days out of the 14 days. So weird. 

    Doctors appt on Tuesday to get things settled!

  • oh 63 days you must feel so stressed 

  • Hi Maria...

    I have just posted in another thread, but I have just had a private ultrasound done after having lots of negative tests and the scan clearly showed a gestational sac...they think I am around 5 weeks and I have to go back in a couple of weeks time to see baby in there as too small to show up right now....

    So negative HPTs do not always mean no baby image Good luck to all image x

  • Congrats!! Did you have any bleeding during that time? Or cramping? 

  • Hi Maria...yep. i was getting lots of crsmping and stabbing pains in my left hand side and thats where the sac is so it must have been implantation pains....dont give up just yet...xx

  • Well AF just showed up on day 65, still going to go to my appt on Tuesday tho and try and figure out what the was all about? 2 months with no period is a long time for someone with a regular 30 day cycle! 

  • Oh Hun , my period still not come and still have cm 

  • I did to the same day. It was negative, its wired cause now i am spotting On my 47 days of my last period. On Nov. 14, 15, 16, 17 it was light pink spots off n on. Thats has never has happen before

  • Yes that the same way i been feeling before i start spotting after my 47 days late.

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