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I got an error but then it said pregnant

HI I took a clearblue pregnancy test and it had an error but it said positive I keep track of my period and ovulation I know when I attempted to conceive I could get pregnant  so I been spotting breast tenderness feel sick but my period don't start for 3 days could  I be pregnant


  • it's possible but it sounds like you got a faulty test, I'd go ahead and take another Clear Blue and see what the results are. Best of luck to you love! 

  • It sounds like a bad test, take another one, it's the only way to really know. Good luck image

  • I had the same thing happen to me I'm retreating today and I have the same symptoms you have as w but for some reason when I went to the doctor I got a negative urine and blood but when I retested and hour ago I got another clear blue saying pregnant?  What do I do 

  • Teat again in a few days and if you get another positive/pregnant result go back to your doctor.

  • I got another positive band missed my period three days and now I have a lift bleending 

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