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My first known chemical pregnancy

Ok so last month I found out I was pregnant an me an husband were very over joyed until I got my period the following went followed by a negative pregnancy test. We were bummed ! Well my doctor told me I had a chemical pregnancy so my question is am I more fertile an will it be easier for me to get pregnant? Has anyone went through what we have an if so could you shed some light on our situation. Thanks in advance 


  • Hey hun a chemical is like a very early miscarriage where the egg doesnt implant properly and comes alway you wouldn't no youd had one if you dont test before your supposed to and some women say your more fertile but its never really been proven iv not had a chemical but iv had a missed mc at 8 weeks and i wasnt more fertile after and neither has anyone else iv known to have one but youve still got same chance as everyone else hun it could be true but it could just be coincidence good luck hope you get your bfp soon xx

  • I had my first chemical pregnancy last month, not sure about it making you more fertile but, from what I've read, most doctors will view this as a positive sign that you can at least get pregnant.

    I ovulated as normal on CD14/15 this month (we're using OPKs).

  • I had a chemical then got pregnant straight away and I'm now 19 weeks. Good luck Hun x

  • I had a chemical pregnancy in February this year, then I had a cycle where I didn't ovulate at all, then I fell pregnant the cycle after. I'm now 14 weeks today image good luck xx

  • Awesome that gives me some type of hope ! Thank you so much for your feedback ???? I really looking forward to being pregnant 

  • Omg Im really hoping this will happen for me me an my husband have been trying to conceive for about 2 yrs now an this go around we weren't even trying I just tested because I had spotting but I has also just had surgery the week before an the test came up negative in the hospital so to be honest I'm really thinking it was the anesthesia that killed off my baby 

  • Yes that is a plus ! I'm hope you get your BFP soon !

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