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Is this positive?

Has anyone had a clear white line on an Asda's own brand pregnancy test? The line came up strait after taking the test. I'm confused as usually if negative there is just nothing there but on this you can clearly see the line. I'm not sure how to post a picture.



     Here's the picture
  • Do another, that could be positive but could also be ink run. Did you keep it flat?

  • Yes I did keep it flat. It's probably a negative But just confusing. I'll buy another one tomorrow and take it Thursday morning. Thanks image

  • Hi Looloo09 i know this is an old post but can i just ask, what was your result of the white line as I've just gotten the exact  same, I've used an awful lot of these tests and never received  this result, thanks

  • Hi,

    No it was negative. I think they must have had a batch made that did this because I did two more after this and got the same result. I've always used Asda's and it's never done it before 

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