Is this a positive ovulation test ?

First time i have used ovulation tests , im on cd11 just wondering if this is a positive result?



  • I would say no.... Although it's not far off so maybe test again today and again tomorrow... Test twice a day until you get a darker line to make sure you don't miss it.... It is very close though!! Good luck image

  • Thank you i will be sure to test again in the morning! image

  • These are my tests from this cycle...

    The top one everyone said was positive but I wasn't sure... The next one is what I was waiting for and was the following morning...

    Hope this helps.... It's so booming tricky this ttc lark image

    good of luck for the morning, it might take a day or two still but keep testing and im sure you'll get your positive!!!

  • Hi ladies where do u get ur ovulation strips from???

  • Oh thank you yeah that is a help!, hope mine is as strong as that in the next couple of days image and i order mine of ebay can get a bulk for about 3.50 depending on how many you want image

  • Thank you image I'm gonna order some 

    Been ttc for months but feels like years I hope this month is ur month and u get ur bfp! ! image

  • Your welcome , i miscarried in march and unfortunatley i have been so messed up with my cycles since this is my first propper cycle ! Fingers and toes crossed ! Good luck to you aswell! image

  • I buy mine from amazon, they're nice and cheap with free delivery... I'm guessing they're sold by the same people as eBay!! Good luck with opks, I've been using them since January, nothing for me so far but it's just nice to know whats going on and when! I have about 4 left of this bundle, debating whether I will get any more when this lf has run out or whether to just relax it a little!!! We'll see!!

  • imageis that a positive ovulation test? First month doing these so slightly confused lol x

  • image

    Hiya guys is this a positive ovulation test my first time doing these and this is ment to be my first day in my fertile I don't have a clue so need help thank you 😊

  • This is a really old thread but it's not pos am afraid. The test line needs to be as dark or darker than the control line to be positive. Once that happen OV will be 12-36 hours later. Good luck 

  • Thank you flybutterflyfly I just didn't know anything about them really at least I know now. I don't suppose you could tell me when is the best time to test with a opk please x

  • As flybutterfly has said, this is an old thread, there may be a newer one with people ttc on. 

    Thats a negative I'm afraid... the result line has to be the same if not darker than the other line. Keep testing and see what happens. 

    Good luck! 

  • Kerrie, I think you can test any time with them although it's been a long time since ive used any!! 

    I used to test in the morning just as that was easiest for me. 

    I had no luck when ttc with these so jumped ship to the clearblue ones, they are very expensive in comparison but I conceived in 2 or 3 months of using them.  

    Get used to your cycle and then maybe buy some clearblue too so you can use them around the time you think you'll be fertile, may get a clearer result. 

    Im not sure how long into your ttc journey you are but remember everyone is different, my lp  (from ovulation to when my period was due) was only around 12 days and not 14 as they usually say and I didn't ovulate until later in my cycle, around day 16 and not the usual 14.

  • Flossyflossy thanks for the reply and I'm on cd 17 Hun been ttc for 5/6 months but not really fussed with these I tried them once and nothing ever came up on them so brought some more worth another go. Iv got mild cramping around my right hip had it all this afternoon.

    My cycle length is 35/36 days long and I know when iv ovulated as I get sore boobs just before the two week wait and it last for a week. 

    My period length is 7 days to. Iv brought some preseed when should I start using that any ideas ladies?? 

  • I have no idea about preseed I'm afraid!

    Well if your cycle is around 35/36 days, keep using the opks in the morning and one in the afternoon and see how the next few days go. Hopefully they will get darker over the next couple of days and then you'll get your positive.

    hope your ttc days dont last too much longer!! 

  • Do you think that is a positive now ladies or wait one to two days more and see??


  • That looks positive :) 

  • I did the one above it this morning at ten and then one below it at 3 and I'm on CD19 today.

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