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Trying to get pregnant after a miscarriage Part 3

Hello everyone,

This is a new continuation thread for the all the people on the Trying to get pregnant after a miscarriage Part 2, as the second part of the thread has become huge and has so many pages, it's getting a bit hard to load.

We've posted a link to this new thread on the old thread, so hopefully everyone will be able to find it easily enough. Do let us know if that's not the case.



  • Hi thank you for that. Xx

  • Our pleasure AllyBally15, we're here to help.

  • Sorry to hear that missmyangels.... you're not out until AF arrives but if she is going to show i hope sge gets a move on for you x

  • Got a much darker line today! AF suppose to come on 7/22! Looks lIke BFP to me! nervous since MC in March and CP in May And don't want to get my hopes up.

  • That's a good strong line!! Congrats Sallieo xxx

  • SW2 I hope it hurries up too!! Tbh I'd be worried if pg as no symptoms which is what happened with last early mc I only bothered to test as one day late and I'm normally on time. I seem to be shifting from a 25 day cycle to 28 which is Tuesday morning have the aches to suggest possibly 2mrw. I was 28 originally then after the late mc was 25 then the early mc in April appears to have sent me back to 28! I nearly always get my LH rise days 12-13 so ovulate day 14. I would say possibly a good thing as makes luteal phase a little longer x

    hope you are doing well x

  • DanielleMFM my msgs are uploading quicker now was really slow so starting a new thread here has helped! Thank you x

  • Thank you Missmyangles, such a scary and exciting moment. 

  • Congratulations SallieO, how exciting and so sorry for your losses Allybally15 and Chezzad. Well AF finally finished yesterday for me, so pleased that it's over and good to know that my cycle has continued again after mc. I'm starting to get really excited about trying this month. Hopefully I'll be lucky. Hope you're all well. x

  • Hi missmyangels, no worries at all. If you ever find threads are slow to load, please do just drop us a PM or email [email protected] and we'll see what we can do.

    SallieO, that's a lovely BFP you have there, huge congratulations. If you feel like you might want to join a Birth Club, we've just created a Due in April 2016 thread, but no pressure at all, whatever you fancy.

  • Hi everyone. I feel like I'm obsessed. I've just taken a hpt and it's positive. I'm really confused as I passed what was expected on the 9th of July. I only bled before this and until the following day. I have had no further bleeding so with ewcm we bd every second day. Now I'm thinking it's still in my system but hoping it's new hcg? Think I'll call epas tomorrow. Perhaps waiting for one AF would be wise to prevent how I feel just now. X

  • Congrats sally o! 

    Allybally... As you only had your mc finish on the 9/10th july it is very possible that you still have a small amount of hcg left in your system as that was only 10 days ago. Did you get a negative test between then & now?.

    it is not impossible to ovulate that soon after an early mc however even if you did, a fertilized egg would not have had time to implant etc to produce detectable levels of hcg. I would see how things go over the next few days / weeks & then speak with your doctor if you are still concerned but i really do think this is just leftover hcg. i would recommend you keep testing every few days to make sure the line fades & then goes negative. If it doesnt it could mean that you haven't passed all of the tissue (this happened to me with my first medical mc) & you would need to be treated again in that case.

    keep us posted hun x

  • Thank you for replying. Line is definitely not getting lighter. Going to call epas this morning. I'll let you know what happens. Ideally they will scan me. Just want to move forward and worried it's not over xx

  • Well epas were lovely.  Got a scan Wednesday pm so I'll know what's happening then xx

  • Hi there. I'm new to this site but I've read many inspiring posts. 

    I was diagnosed with having a blighted ovum (empty sac) A few weeks ago. Yesterday I had the medical management miscarriage at the hospital. I was there for 12hours. The pain was honestly the worst I have ever felt. 

    This has been an emotional roller coaster for me and my partner. We really do want to have a baby and want to try for another one quite quickly. I've seen posts of many women stating that they never waited for their period to come and ended up pregnant quite quickly. Is it safe to do that? i just don't want to put myself in a position where I could potentially miscarry again. 

    Thanks for reading and I look forward to the responses. 

  • thats good allybally...keep us posted.

    tami... Sorry to hear of your loss. It is possible to fall pregnant again before your first period. Some doctors say that is ok although many advise to wait until after the first period so that a new pregnancy could be dated accurately. I myself am honestly a believer that you need to give your body a little time to heal before getting pregnant again. I have heard many stories of women falling pregnant again very quickly then losing it again... I really think it takes a couple months to rebuild a healthy lining to sustain a new pregnancy etc. After my first mc I fell pregnant again after my first post mc period. Everything looked great with the baby at 6 & 8 week scans but then i had a big bleed at 9 1/2 weeks & the baby died. Docs checked & re-checked & could not see anything wrong with the baby that would've caused another mc so I really do believe my body was just not strong enough to sustain another pregnancy so soon after the 1st mc (i took the medication like you the first time). After the second loss we had a break for 6 months (hubby deployed), fell pregnant as soon as he got home & am now 30 weeks! 

    Keep posting if you have anyquestions etc tami & good luck with ttc again.

  • Well ladies here is where I am at day 28 lots of AF symptoms abdominal aches and not a lot else. No pg symptoms but look!!

    wasnt expecting that at all. It's a good strong line but this happened last time no pg symptoms except I've gone off bread and don't want food really but think that's shock! Hubby's at work but sent him piccie and we've text a lot. We decided no point in getting excited we are going to take each day as it comes in case it's chemical. I'm going to do a digital test which should say 1-2 wks then in a week do again which should say 2-3. That's how I knew last time as it went down a week instead of forward. Then I'll contact my bereavement midwife as she looks after my pregnancies after I lost my little boy at 51/2 monthsimage 

    I feel gutted that when I had my first 3 there was none of this stress as I hadn't mc b4! How are you meant to enjoy it!! I'd have to be 6 months gone b4 I can relax. Well fingers crossed for me ladies but right now I'm not feeling positive.

    hope you are well x

  • Oh my goodness missmyangels!!! Thats great news!!! Can i be excited for the both of us?!. I would say that that's a very strong line if it were going to be a chemical... They're usually fainter.

    good idea re: the cb weeks estimator test... I would though leave it a bit longer than a week before re-testing. I did the same thing with this pregnancy & the weeks stayed the same which freaked me out but then my blood hcg showed that i was doubling in less than 48 hours which is perfect... The problem is that the range of 'normal' hcg is so huge that the weeks estimator cannot be 100% accurate... Say if you start lower down in the range, double perfectly as you should etc... When you retest if you were on the lower end of the range to start you may easily not have crossed tge threshold to the next range for the weeks estimator to change.

    honestly... With pregnancy after mc you never stop worrying! Mc sadly robs us of the joy of pregnancy & I have moments of pure envy at all my friends who have healthy pregnancy after healthy pregnancy... Of course I would never in a million years wish mcs on anyone but i just wish none of us had had to endure that trauma either & have that hanging over us for all future pregnancies. I worried constantly with this one for such a long time... Until well after 6 months (i became a seriel 'knicker checker' fearing & examining for spotting constantly) & then just when I started to feel a little more confident after 24 weeks I had the pre-term contractions at 27 weeks so I'm back to worrying now... Not being able to put trust in my body that it will protect him..l Thinking how awful it is that now at 30 weeks he has a good chance of survival outside but if my body fails him While he's still inside that can have catadtrophic consequences.

    having said all the above... Yes the constant worry is there but YOU DO GET THROUGH IT!! Take each tiny step as it comes & try not to look any further.... repeat your pg tests in the early days, get the blood tests if you can to give you an accurate hcg level & watch that rise, focus on the first apt, first scan, next appointment, week changes etc. talking about all your feelings & fears is very important so its great you have your bereavement midwife for that. I know for sure you can be strong enough to do this because all of us have already endured one of the toughest things a woman can face & come through that strong enough to try again!

    Don't worry about the lack of symptoms either... Every pregnancy really is different. My 1st 2 mc I had lots of symptoms, with this lottle guy I hardly had any until 7/8 weeks & even then they kept coming & going...l so lack of symptoms is not always a bad sign.

    Keep us posted x

  • Thanks SW2 it's lovely to have people to talk to as we won't be telling anyone else not for along time. My older children cried for weeks when I lost Oliver and it really cut my parents up seeing us all in a state. I can't be strong for everyone so I'll have to talk my worries/joys through with all of you lovely ladies! My hubby is the best and supports us all brilliantly so that's a huge help. youre right about HCG levels being so different for everyone but it's hard sneaking off for a blood tests. Last time I mc i bled in between tests so didn't go back for second as I just knewimage Luckily the kids are on summer hols so I'm occupied and on holiday in the West Midlands 1-8th August. If I get that far that's when early scan will be due! My bereavement midwife has agreed to have me scanned weekly/fortnightly right through and weekly H/V appts to listen in from 3-4 months!! So that will help with my anxiety I hope.

    ive done another test this afternoon to be sure with first response, which was strong but not as strong as the Superdrugs own brand, but that was with fmu.

    as you said I'm now a knicker checker as I'm convinced I feel damp all the time!! Probs tmi!! 

    One step at a time as you said and I'm going to slow my pace down and relax so I know I've done all I can. That way if it goes wrong I can't lay blame on myself.

    going to do digital test in morning then another(as its twin pack) in maybe 10 days. I might attempt bloods if I can get hold of my GP at some point.

    Im on day 28 and I only ovulated 13 days ago so early days and naturally I'll keep you posted!


  • So lovely seeing those positive tests!

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