Can I get pregnant after my pill withdrawal bleed?

Ok, so I'm not sure on the exact dates because I didn't think much of it at the time. I stopped taking my Yasmin contraceptive pill that I have been on for 7 years, a few days later I had what I can only assume to be a withdrawal bleed. I think I was only around 2 weeks in to my packet. I've had unprotected sex several times since my bleed but I don't know how quickly it works? I've read somewhere that it can take months for your body to become fertile again. However I've had a white discharge the last couple of days, I guessed my last period and it told me ovulation would have been around 7 days ago but the discharge only started a few days ago so I could have been wrong with my dates, I have had sex twice this week. Is it possible to become pregnant this soon after stopping the pill and is it normal to feel really sick after coming off the pill? I've been very sick, tired and had no appetite for days. Can someone tell me what my body is doing please! 



  • your not the only one lol... I'm new to this ... Came off the pill on the 23rd June ... Think was possibly a withdrawal bleed on the 26th June.
    This last week I've felt very tired constantly need a wee, having cramps and twinges in my stomach, headaches a lot and increased appetite. I'm 3 days late. So on Wednesday I'm doing to test that will then be about 6days without a period... Arghhh lol

  • Good luck! I wish I was late, but I don't know when mine is even due because the withdrawal bleed confused the shit out of me. I've used a when to test calculator using estimate days and it says I'm due to come on in August but I think I put the date of my withdrawal bleed in instead of my last period so who knows. Might just get a test anyway and hope for the best haha! 

  • I was on a different pill to you but had my withdrawal bleed the 13th of Dec till the 17th had a missed period in Jan got a bfn then another missed period Feb which was a bfp went for a scan and turns out I got caught Dec 31st so it is possible hun I'm now 30 weeks pregnant Wednesday image fingers crossed for you xxxx

  • Oh bless you. It all confuses me tbh.. Lol!!! I'm feeling abit normal today thou lol. Still few pains and hot flushes lol. 

  • Ahh thank you!! I hope I am image good luck with the birth lol xxx 

  • Omy wow congratulations hope all goes well. What were your symptons if u had any 

  • Thank you travellinganna image 

    Fruity my symptoms were feeling sick,my boobs were mega tender and had a few tummy cramps but the only one I had constantly were the achy tender boobs the others sort of came and went tbh. Oh and I lost my appetite. Got my fingers and toes crossed for you xxxx

  • Travellinganna I'm so hoping it doesn't arrive for you I just counted 28 days from my withdrawal bleed as that's how long my usual cycle would be before being on the pill xxxxx

  • Thank you linxa1234

    i haven't had sore boobs at all mine a just constantly needing a wee tirdness and cramping. Supose everyone is different x

  • Yeah hun so many people's symptoms are different c I didn't need to pee more or anything like that strange how we are all different xxx

  • Travellinganna

    i am in the same boat as you. 

    Came off yasmin on 7th july and had a withdrawal bleed from 13th to 16th july. 

    I have been having feeling the following

    started with heartburn on and off for two weeks. Never get heartburn Followed by constipation. This eased This week. I have also been feeling like I have pmt for about a week now. During the last week I have had some discharge. a clear blob l with some brown red blood specked. Nothing major. I have also lost my appetite and my nipples are sore. I feel also my by bbs are getting bigger And stomach bloated odd sharp pins in my Legs also  Thursday 30th I felt so cramped and light headed, a little zoned out and so tired ! 

    decided to ttc first week off yasmin buy now deciding to wait for a bit. 

    How r u getting on in comparsion?

  • yes it defo can, I am 26 weeks pregnant, had the withdrawal bleed after coming off yasmin and then fell pregnant the next month. good luck image

  • it took ages for a test to show up positive , but when it did i was 2-3 weeks so HG levels etc can have an impact 

  • Hi guys, 

    just an update, I've just been bleeding for 3 days (shorter than my usual period) had a lot of cramps etc. 

    not sure what implantation bleeds meant to be like? I started bleeding almost a week before my period is due and also around 10 days after the last time I had unprotected sex? Anyone help? 

    Might just buy buy another test to be on the safe side. Maybe my cycles messed up because I came off the pill mid packet. 

  • That's interesting to hear. Thank you 

    Still feeling wet on and off although no discharge I have a stitch like pain in my left side this morning again comes and goes. Toliet runs have increased slightly  

    I know my body isn't right. Something is going on. Did a clear blue digital test on Saturday PFN. However now I have read this may it be best for early detection.  May just wait it out but so obsessed with changed in my body!!

  • Hi Guys 

    wondered if someone could give me some info 

    I stopped the pill about 3 weeks ago had unprotected sex just under a week i have not had no proper period but have had loads of cramps feeling sick going to the loo alot. Has anyone experienced this before ?? Thank you 

  • Hey i know this post is old but  :) was jw if someone could give me some idea. I came of microgynon 30 2 weeks ago had my withdrawal bleed from the 27th - 31st October And I'v been wondering how long has it taking for people to get pregnant after withdrawal? It took me 6 months with my first. Now trying for baby #2. Don't really want to wait 6 months again :( anyone help? 

  • Hey everyone.  I stopped taking my pill in September around the end of the month.  I had 7 active pills left.  3 days later I had a withdrawal bleed for 7 days.  I'm not over a week late and had several positive tests.  I'm so confused as to when it was I conceived!! I still have about two weeks before I see a doctor because I am currently out of town and have been for over two months(at the boyfriends, we currently live in different states for now).  Can I estimate that I probably fell pregnant two weeks after the withdrawal or could it have been sooner even possibly before it?

  • Sorry meant to say I AM over a week late

  • Hi Ashley 

    i cannot  say when it would of happend but it's quite common to fall preg soon as you come off the pill 

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