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ttc problems with AF feeling down


I'm ttc baby number 1 , starting to get really down . 

I came off the pill in October but AF did not return until March . Since March I've had 3 cycles ranging from 36 -38 days , but this month I am now on CD 48 . I've done a test and got a BFN . I have started spotting today so maybe AF is on her way . 

Anyway I'm starting to feel really down about ttc , I feel like giving up .

Just looking for any support really . Anyone in the same boat ? or previously been in the same boat and got their BFP . 

Any replies would be greatly received. X  


  • Hi Victoria, sorry to hear you are getting really fed up. I came off the pill in May and have had cycles in the 30s since. Are you tracking ovulation? Sorry I can't be more helpful but didn't want you to think you were alone in your journey xx

  • Hi 

    Thank you for the reply . Yeah I use opks and I thought I ovulated a couple of weeks ago as I got a positive opk but then I've done them this week as well (before getting a hpt) and I've got nearly positives all week so that's confused me . Feel like I've been ttc for ages now .

    I never thought it would get this stressful . Xx 

  • That is strange that you are now getting positive opks, have you thought about trying a different pregnancy test brand? It takes over! Xx

  • Hi Victoria, I am so sorry its being difficult for you. We have been trying for a year for our first baby and finding it emotionally really difficult. I think you just think it will happen straight away and its such a shock when it doesn't. If you have some positive people in your life, then make sure you make fun plans with them. We are going to go to the doctors, hopefully this will give me reassurance or start the process of getting help. Is this something you have considered? Again sorry I cannot be more helpful but as nalc said, i wanted you to know you're not alone.

  • Hi 

    Nalc12 thanks for the replies , yeah I thought it was very strange to get positive opks now that's what'd confused me . I've not done another test I did the fist one when af was 9 days late so I'm sure it would have come up positive if I was pregnant x 

    Hi lucylou

    Thanks for your reply sorry to hear you've been trying for a while it is tough . Do you have normal cycles ? I hope it goes ok at the doctors for you do you have an appointment booked yet ? 

    Yeah I've been to the doctors as my AF didn't come for 5 months after I stopped the pill . My doc was not much help he just said give it time . I decided to go again When I've been ttc for a year , although Af has not arrived this month so hubby thinks I should make an appointment now x 

  • I was really lucky and af returned straight away. My cycle can be anything between 28 and 34 days so not too inconsistent.  

    I am due on on Thursday. after I ovulated I convinced myself I was pregnant but in the last week I have totally changed and have never felt less likely to be. But I will wait until thurs before making the apt. I think the mixed emotions are why I have really struggled emotionally this month.

    Did you feel your doc was at least sympathetic last time? If so you could try going again

    With your opk's these only show you have the hormone to ovulate. Not that you have so maybe you should try temping next cycle. I havent done this before but at least you will know if you are ovulating.

  • Hi lucylou

    Do you have pocs or anything ? Or are your cycles just like that , I know it can happen where your cycles change slightly but I always think the worst if my AF changes . 

    Fingered crossed for you that you get your BFP . I bet you're getting impatient waiting for Thursday to come . Yes it is hard emotionally 

    No he wasn't I was in and out within 5 mins an all he said was give it time you obviously aren't ovulating   . I've made another appointment for august , I'm hoping they do something this times as I've been having regular AF since March an now they've just stopped . 

    I don't know where to start now as still waiting for AF to arrive to kick start this next cycle . 

    It's so hard not to think about it all the time . It's taking over haha xx 

  • I'm not aware of any issues although I have a terrible habit of self diagnosing myself with everything! 

    Af has arrived a day early, we now have an apt for Monday and feeling  lil worried about it. I have white coat syndrome - so ill be a right mess when I am pregnant!

    Are you still doing tests to check for a bfp

  • Hi

    I have a bad habit of doing that as well its really hard not to . I think the only people that can diagnose things is the doctors so I'm trying really hard to stay away from Google. 

    Least you only have a few days till your appointment hopefully you won't drive yourself mad before then . I hope it goes ok for you . Do you know what your going to say / ask when you get there ? 

    Yes I did one this morning still getting BFN and still no sign of AF image 

  • Sorry to hear that! No idea what ill say but hopefully ill feel better for going!

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