Ovulation tests

So confused about ovulation tests .. Is this a negative or positive ? This has been my strongest line yet.. When's the best time to dtd we did it last night so hopefully be ok ..




  • If the line closest to your hand is the control line then thats a negative... The test line has to be at least as dark, or darker than the co trol linefor a positive result

  • Hi, I got one like yours on the 14th and on the 15th it was faded and yesterday it was very faint so I think it may be positive as according to my app I was to o on the 14th so if this is your strongest line and it starts to fade then I would say it's positive x

  • Thanks for Ur replies image I got this one today which is Deffo a postive image so would last night and tonight be enpugh ? Do the tests mean Ur ovulating or about to? X


  • Yep that's your positive. Once you get a positive it means you will ovulate in the next 12-36 hours. The egg can the survive for 24 hours max so i would say bd tonight & tmw morning if possible to give you the very best chance, if not... Yesterday & today will give you a good chance.

  • Hi katiec2304 I use these ov tests too that's a good positive you should ovulate from 12-36 hours afterwards then the tww!! Get another bd in just to be sure!! good luck x

  • Do you think mines wasn't positive then? I had what I thought were o pains on my left side also?x

  • thanks for the advice this is going to be my first baby so still new to me.. Using concieve plus too .. This be 4th month of trying .. Any u ladits fall after taking ovulation tests ? Agitha I would say if ur first one was like mine u prob did ovuLare but u may have not tested again at the right time coz if u didn't surge it would be a really faint line ? When u due on? Whats tww stand for btw ? X

  • I've fallen pregnant 7 times so far of which 6 the ovulation kits worked!! I use the cheapie opks then when I think I surge I check using clear blue digital and they haven't let me down yet!! I have 3 gorgeous kiddies 12,9 and 4 and I'm trying for my 4th!! Sadly I've started to miscarry early on but I won't give up!! Tww is "two week wait" the nail biting two weeks of symptom spotting and hoping for a bfp ( big fat positive)!!

    good luck x

  • I had been testing since cd 7 all of which there was barely any lines until I got the darkest one on the 14th and then a bit fainter on 15th and again barley a line on 16th so hopefully it was. I'm due on 28th so fingers crossed and good luck to all x

  • Sorry to here that missmyangels x

  • Aw so sorry to hear that missmyangels .. No don't give up! They are nice age gaps too.. Maybe u are testing wrong times ?? Or tested Using 2nd wee this morning and again tonight at 8pm.. Ur not drinkin loads before u take them?? Got my fingers crossed for u! Oh bloody two week wait is awful isnt It I look into every symptom lol.. So missmyangels did u DtD the day u got the positive ? X

  • As my line starts to darken I try to stick to every other day. I have a 28 day cycle I start testing day 10-11 I always get my surge on 12/13/14 then fades pretty quickly. Start at least 4 days b4 , during ovulation and I carry on a couple of days after for luck!! So from day 10-16 as much as possible!!

  • Good luck girls x AgithaButton what opk do you use? I use the cheap strips but when I see a dark line as close to test line as possible next morning I do clear blue and I always get a smiley then u know for sure x

  • I use the cheap ones from eBay and always first morning urine. I'm also on my second pack of seven seas trying for a baby so if no luck this month I'm going to make gp app x

  • Best not to use fmu with the cheap dye opk's agitha... Lh surges are most accurately detected in the afternoon / evening... You should test between 2 & 6pm... Try & stick to the same time each day & don't pee or drink anything for at least 2 hours before testing.

    the only ovulation tests that say you can use fmu (& have worked accurstely for me with fmu) are the cb digital.

  • Yeh don't use the fmu .. I was going to temp but I havnt this month .. Fingers crossed for every one! My test this morning was like my first pic on here does that mean Ur lh has came down and u have ovulated xx

  • Oh really sw2?  I just assumed fmu would be best so I'll know for next month now. Thanks for advice x

  • Katie... A negative test after a positive means that your lh surge is over. Doesn't 100% guarantee that you have ov yet (as it may not be 12-36 hours from the e act prak of lh) but it is pretty likely That you have. 

    For both of you girls... There's a really great thread running called 'ovulation test strips part 3' which you both might find helpful to go on... All women ttc & using opks & support each other through the month. I was on there when it started (part One) & found it so nice to have other women to talk to who were going through the same.

    goid luck!

  • always test mine at 2.30 before I collect my kiddies from school. I don't wee from 12 always get a good result then and I have a drink with lunch but nothing else until I've done test x

    good luck x

  • Aww thanks for the advice will look on there image good luck to everyone it's nice to have Ppl to ask and talk to it about xx

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