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Can tesco digital pregnancy test give a false posotive



  • Mm that looks like a positive line to me?!!

  • I've never got an evap line b4 that looks like another positive to me as it looks blue not a faded greyish colour?!! Ooh you never know!! When are your first response arriving??

  • Hopefully tomo if not def Friday , I know it doesn't look like an evap as its spot on where the lines ment to be only cod I left it over an hr I noticed this xx

  • image Here's a close up xx

  • that definitely looks positive to me!! I'm excited for you:) let me know when you do the next testimage

  • My friend s gone to see if she can get a first response to do in morning I'm excited but wary as showed after 10 mins . I will keep you updated thank u for comments xx

  • So this morning I took a first response no pink line just a white indent line 😕 xx

  • That looks positive, strange you are getting some positives and some negatives? 

    Try to wait until the weekend & do one with FMU? Xx

  • Mmm strange that other one looks positive to me?! Defo no pink in that line? X

  • Can be very very faint x

  • No pink at all 😕 xx

  • When did your last bit of bleeding end? Maybe it's too soon to get a decent yes or no?

  • Still getting bfn s after my positive digi on weds morning also got positive on Thursday but took a while with numark so put in bin still no af lots of symptoms maybe dodger digi batch xx

  • A week after bfp on tesco digital and getting negatives still I'm def convinced it's dodgy and won't be buying any more of that brand still no af but sore boobs and tiredness , speaking from my experience steer clear of tesco s xx

  • I've never used tesco only first response and clear blue just lately superdrudgs own as well! No AF still that's annoying eh as it builds the hope up:( still never give up hope until AF arrives I know ladies that have been 3 months pg and still not had a positive test!!

  • I just wish af would show its nasty face atm so stressed lol had cramping 4 days ago and boobs so sore but symptoms for both r so similar and annoying lol thank u are keep u posted xx

  • Hi there just found this forum on Google can you tell me how you got on ? I've had the same experience with tesco digit test I took one last night and got an error message then took another one half an hour later and it says pregnant so I went and got the clear blue on that tells you how many weeks you are and this says " not pregnant " so I used another track digital test and it says not pregnant then another this morning which said the same so I'm unsure what to think of this is didn't know you could get a false positive !! 

  • Google and register I joined as I had a mc and we all support each other! I also am part of an ovulation discussion all helping each other along our ttc journey:) I've never used tesco tests but to me I wouldn't trust them. I only trust first response with first morning wee or superdrug own brand are brilliant too:) good luck hope you get a BFP 

  • Hi I wasnt pregnant AF came a week late so the pregnant I got on a digital was a false with tescos xx

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