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Veiny boobs? Pregnant or pill side effect help!!!!!

Hi guys so I had my coil removed last Thursday but was taking yasmin on top so before the coil was removed I did 'feel pregnant' if that's a think, I know my chances are less but I took a test just to be sure incase but was negative however I wouldn't be able to say if I've missed a period or when it's even due because the coil messed everything up so much I have no idea where I am just random spotting always here and there - any way to the point Ibe been feeling sick for the last week or so sensitive to tastes - and my Boobs are SO veiny they are usually big but veins never prominent now I can clearly see them like someone drew on me in blue pen!! I've read up this is a sign but I don't know if it's an early / late sign?  Thoughts is it worth buying another test considering - if you have managed to last this far through this essay THANK YOUUU  

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