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Evaporation lines or faint postive - help!!!

Hello, I did a test tonight as I am late for my period and had a faint line on my first one. Then 30mins later did a second and has a VERY faint line. I can't decide if these are evaporation lines or not.... Help please! The first one I took is the top one... image


  • Looks like ur pregnant congratulations evap lines don't have any colour the lines will get darker in the next couple of days xx

  • I hope so :) I thought the first one looked like it but I couldnt decide on the second one - the line is so faint and can't tell the colour. I daren't do any more haha xx

  • There definitely pink have u been trying for long? I've still got to wait till the end of next week I keep symptom spotting which makeskins the wait even worse haha I did a test and was negative but keep getting positive ovulation test even tho I ovulated over 7days ago. So fingers crossed I get my bfp soon xx

  • Not trying for too long - i've had a few fertility issues (hormone treatments etc) so we are keeping our fingers crossed. I just don't want to get my hopes up and the next I do be negative. these are the first I've done where I have queried the result - normally it's an obvious negative! Just dont know when to do another one ha. Ooo I really hope you get the answer you're looking for, I have everything crossed for you. Symptom spotting is the worst! xx

  • Sorry to here thst looks like its ur time now ☺ Wot time in the day did u take them? If u take the with ur first wee the line will b stronger as the more u drink during the day the less consintrated ur urine will be so the test line will be fainter xx

  • I did them last night. Yeaaaah I have heard that! Next one in the morning then ha. Thank you!!! xx

  • Looks positive to me. The second one the hcg was probably too diluted. Morning test should be clearer. Congrats! Xx

  • clear blue done this morning... image

  • Congratulations xx

  • yay congratulations! I long for the site of that clear blue test! So excited for you xxx

  • Is this test a negative or positive??image

  • I can't really make your test out I'm afraid it's not very clear. Xx

  • Is it possible to get a faint positive on one test but a negative on the other? Xx

  • It depends jess. Did you take the tests on the same day? Xx

  • I did Jess when I took them on the same day So it is possible X

  • I didn't do it on the same day. Seperate days. I'm never late for my period but now I'm 19 days? Doctor did a test, came negative, but i just feel differant x

  • Evap or faint postive? X

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    hey ladies know this is an older forum but would you mind helping me with this, i feel like im going crazy, i was recently on clomid and have tried for 2 years for another baby. is this positive? it showed up around 5 minutes. 
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