very feint line on first response pregnancy test. Am I imagining it?

Hi. We're trying for a baby (our 4th). I'm 12 days past ovulation and about 7 days from starting my period but for the past week I've been going to the loo alot, been really snappy and had uncomfortable tingling nipples. Also had nausea for past few days. I know it's early but I did a first response test and I there looks to be a very very feint 2nd line. Not sure if I'm imagining it or not. Can anyone else tell me if they can see it and if it looks as though it's a positive or negative result Please? Will do another one in a few days but im so on edge and impatient especially as im feeling so odd.image


  • I can see it test again in a few days ur hcg doubles every couple of days the line will get darker xx

  • Thanks for replying hun. It's a relief that im not going mad and seeing things. Just gone and got another couple of tests. Will test again on Monday. Scared to get too excited incase I've got it wrong. Xx

  • I can see a very faint line too! Good luck 

  • Did another first response test this morning. (Too impatient to wait longer) and there was no 2nd line this morning. Feel so disappointed. Had really started to believe I was pregnant. 😢

  • I've had the same false positives negatives evap lines so frustrating hope u get ur bfp soon xx

  • It's not over until AF arrives

  • Af arrived today a few days earlier than expected. Much more painful than normal though and odder than usual. Thanks for your replies. Yes hopefully a bfp next month. 

  • imageHey i can only just see a feignt line.. Am I imagining it? What are your thoughts?

  • Flirty good luck next month that was definitely negative as it was a grey evap line x jess I can see a line do a frer in the morning looks like u have a positive xx

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