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Two faint positives then a negative FRER

Hi. I'm just wondering if anyone has had this happen and what it turned out to be. I recently got my copper IUD out and had a normal period, then my husband and I had sex about two days after I ovulated. My 'period' started four days later and had no clots and no pain, and it has never been more than a day early so this was very weird. I'd been mildly nauseous and crampy since then, so at 12dpo I took a First Response pink dye test and there was an immediate faint positive, although it was almost see-through. This happened with my last child too, so it gave me hope. Two hours later I used another test, again a see-through second line came up instantly. This gave me more hope, and I told my husband I think I'm pregnant. Then I tested again thismorning and it was a BFN. Has anyone had this happen and what was the outcome?

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