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i had my mirena coil removed and two days later I started spotting and went on to have what seemed like a period which lasted 5 days. Now whilst I had the coil I didn't have periods so I've no clue where I am in my cycle so don't know if to use that as I guide for ovulation or just put it down to a reaction to the coil being removed and just wait for period. any advice or experiences will be appreciated x


  • I had the marina for 11 yrs I went and brought a clear blue digi ovulation test to help me pin point when I ovulate it took me 4 cycles to get my bfp I'm now 10 + 2 hope this helps good luck to you x

  • Or you could just have lots of fun ttc and see how it goes ?? ( presuming you've had it removed to try to get pregnant? ) 

    I has a mirena in for 2 years and my periods stopped which was great..I removed the mirena in November and fell pregnant within the first month of trying. I had a small bleed 2 days after and then nothing..I believe I ovulated around the same time as I would have pre coil my cycles have been the same pretty much since I hit puberty and after falling pg with my first two children returned to normal and exactly the same as before. 

    Happy TTC is what I say 😉

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