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Chemical pregnancy?

hi ladies!

last week I had 4 faint positives, there was 100% a pink line there, even my OH was convinced I was pregnant from the test! My AF was due on the Thursday and it didnt arrive, I took another test and it was a definate positive! Friday morning AF arrived but was majorly majorly heavy! I had severe pains and have had clots since Friday :( could this me a chemical pregnancy? I have been researching about it all weekend and I am just so cofussed! Has anybody else experienced anything like this?


  • Im really sorry but yeah it does sound like it could be a chemical pregnancy. Might be worth getting an appointment with your doctor to confirm X sorry again 

  • Thanks stubbornBrit, going to call the doctors now. I do feel disappointed as I lost my first baby at 16 weeks in june and that was dreadful! It's only my 2nd month in ttc so just going to relax and wait for it to happen! I've heard that after a chemical pregnancy your more fertile? X

  • I've heard that too! So sorry for your loss :( fingers crossed for your next cycle though as I've read lots of women get pregnant again very quickly after xx 

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