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Help me pls

Hey you guys , I'm 21 and my fiance 28 ; and we're TTC but the thing is . I don't know when I ovulate. I had my period september 1 , 2015 and ended September 9, 2015 and i have a 30 day cycle. And we had sex on September 12 , 2015 and september 26 , 2015. What are my chances of becoming pregnant?


  • I came on on the 3rd sept and finished on the 6th and ovulated on the 17th. Does that help you?? X

  • Not really !! Cause I don't know if you have a 28 or 30 day cycle..

  • 30. Sorry, was just trying to help x

  • I understand , so I must have ovulated early than what I thought. Cause my cycle came on the 1st of September

  • You were probably fertile around the 16th September. The way as a rough guide to work out ovulation is cycle length minus 14. You may of had some good strong swimmers in their from the 12th so it is possible!! Sperm can survive for Upton 7 days but more likely 4. Hope this helps. I have a 28 day cycle I ovulated today which is day 13 for me and can vary by 2-3 days. Have u used opks makes knowing when you ovulate so much easier !!!!  good luck x

  • Thanks.  I will find out in like two days ,  my cycle starts on the first.

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