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Period for just 1 day

Hi all. Sorry in advance for any TMI. So hubby and i are trying to concieve. i have regular 28 day cycles with af lasting 4 days. I started my period two days ago (a day early) and it only lasted that day, followed by brownish discharge the following day and light cramping..then boom it's done. Could this be implantation? Has this happened to any of you and ended up in pregnancy? 


  • Please, anybody? 

  • Ha ha KenzieJ sorry no one has said anything here, you must be feeling terrible.

    If your af normally lasts 4 days and this time it lasted only one day and came 1 day earlier I would say you could probably be pregnant. Why don't you do a hpt and see how it turns out. Do you have any pregnancy symptoms at all?

    Good luck and fx for you :)

  • Feeling tired an awful lot. My breast are more tender than usual and (tmi) diarrhea for a week now. Will probable take test today or tomorrow! Thanks for the reply jackrussel, things like this are nerve racking!

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