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Pregnant against the odds???

hi Ladies, 

I'm new here & desperately clutching at straws cos I know the odds are very much against me but, long story short, TTC since June 2014. polycystic ovaries diagnosed but no other problems. I'm 41 & pregnant naturally in May but miscarried at 9 wks. totally devastated as wanted a baby almost all my life. Gave up thinking i'd meet Mr Right, but met my OH & my dream of being a family became a possibility again. Struggled to come to terms with mc but carried on with TTC. Got my 1st period 6 wks after mc, then 2nd period 50 days (1 month, 3 wks) after 1st period. Just after period finished my OH literally ripped my world apart by telling me he was leaving to go back to SA. He didnt discuss it, he TOLD me. Thats it. Game over! Ok so totally heartbroken right now & on the edge but hanging on for dear life! But, me & the a**hole ex dtd for the last time 2/3 days after my period finished - (2 days ago). At the time I noticed more clear cm but also a bit snotty - sorry if TMI!! Despite the heartbreak I'm hanging on to the tiny 0.0000000000001% chance that I beat all the odds & am actually pg - however unlikely that may be. Today I've been having weird crampy/twingey feelings in my ovaries & lower tum/uterus area on & off, with watery/ a bit creamy cm (plus backache - but dont think that's related to it). I know in general none of this is 'typical' of pregnancy/implantation but given the up & down because of the mc I thought there might be a scrap of hope to get me thru this, however likely. I know the other implications, being a single Mum, the baby unfairly having no daddy, etc etc but trust me I've thought about all this b4 when considering sperm donation etc. 

im fragile at the moment so of course Im clinging to straws but is there ANY chance that I could possibly end up pregnant? I can even feel a little niggling feeling in my uterus/lower tum right now! 

Be gentle with me. My whole world has just caved in on me! Thank you xx 


  • Of course there's a chance, there's always a chance if you've had unprotected sex. But I think you already know that. have you got people around you that are supportive? you're going through a lot and to have all your happiness riding on a 'what if' isn't good for you! Xx

  • Hi Kirvi,

    Thank you for replying. It did make me feel a bit better. I was thinking more negatively, like I don't really have a chance that I'm pregnant, but I know how much of a gamble it is. My family live locally & have been totally supportive but of course I have to go through this pain on my own to come out the other side, whether I am blessed with a beautiful baby or not. I just want the crushing pain & the 'missing him' bit to go away! Thanks for your support xx

  • Well we're here for you to rant, cry, laugh and be mental with! I pray you have the baby you so desperately long for, however, if it's forever going to tie you to a man who definitely does not have your best interests at heart, then if you aren't pregnant, maybe its for the best. Always look for the silver lining! 


  • Hi Again KIRVI-P, & thanks again for your message. Little glimmers of hope & positive messages are helping to get me through right now. I also pray that I have the baby I've always wanted & will always believe that if God grants me this then my baby will have been made with love before I found out what a *rude word* he actually is. He/she will never want for love no matter what. I honestly believe that everything happens for a reason. Thanks again for your support. I really do appreciate it xx 

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