Seven Seas trying for a baby Part 2

Hello everyone,

This is a new continuation thread for the Seven Seas trying for a baby Part 1 peeps, as the original thread has become huge and now has so many pages, it's getting a bit hard to load.

We've posted a link to this new thread on the old thread, so hopefully everyone will be able to find it easily enough.




  • yes I completely meant to write test not eat! I don't think a hunger strike will do me any favours. I've already had to get my bf to hide my tests so I dont cave in haha


  • Hello everyone, i have a massive head ache since yesterday not sure if it was from a long day in court for a naughty nephew or something else I have woken up with it this morning tho. really want to test not due af until the 7th tho :( xx

  • So I decided to be inpatient and I got a BFN! :( x

  • I am on my 3rd day on them and I feel great just hope I get pregnant soon 

  • Aww mummy2littleman that sucks but don't rule yourself out!! =]

    im just getting impatient now haha 


  • I think everyone get like that Hun I am in the same boat Hun 

  • Haha no I dont think a hunger stripe would help you to concieve jessicaw88! Try keep yourself occupied :D

    Mummy2littleman don't lose hope you could of just tested too early! 

    i feel like this is the longest time of my life! No signs of af though! Yesterday and the day before I was getting bubbly feelings, pulling sensations & also been feeling sick on a night time! backache, sore nipples and quite a bit of CM! 

    Fingers firmly crossed.


  • Aah babydust this could mean a bfp is coming your way! When are you testing?

    well tomorrow is gonna be my first day off in what feels like forever and so i don't spend the full day obsessing over anything I plan to completely tidy my house. that should keep me occupied!


  • I hope so! Day 53 of my cycle today. I'm gonna hold out till the 11th so still got a while yet but then that'll be 14dpo! 

    Haha sounds like a plan! I'm gonna do the same, time is draggggggging! When is your ov due?


  • Well I'm due to ov on the 11th, but 3 nights ago I got a positive opk just one day after my period finished. so I did the horizontal slam dance to cover that apparent ovulation. But I'm on cd8 now and on the SMEP I'm meant to start baby dancing from now and start checking opk's from cd10 so I'm going to carry on as normal just incase my opk was faulty etc

    oooh long cycles suck! My last one was 71 and the one before that was 46 days 


  • hey :) jessica can you ovulate more than once A month?? I'm on my second pack of seven seas and hoping to ovulate on the 9th. Doing sperm mets egg plan this month too. Fingers crossed everyone xx 

  • I wouldn't have thought so. But I've just googled it and the verdict is pretty much out on whether you can. But i also don't believe that I ovulated the day after my period stopped either. So I'm just gonna carry on my month like I had planned if I don't get anymore positive opks then at least I have already done the deed and I'll keep going until my period shows up or until it is due according to my app. I'm hoping the b6 has sorted my cycle out for me a bit. But hey ho!

    i think the sperm meets egg plan is a pretty good idea if I'm honest, even though it's probably what most people do unintentionally it kinda stops you from reaching for those pregnancy tests that little bit too early. Which I know I am guilty of! =]


  • I'm also taking thethe b6 and evening primrose too, not loving the bright yellow pee lol.

    I have tried the opk tests but I never seem to get A Positive, even tho I get the huge temperature drop/then peak, and the Ewm image  but not meant to be ovulating till next week according to my app?! 

    My period was also only two days long this month, so kinda think my cycle is a bit lost lol. 


  • Hey Jessica, well atleast your covering any time you could be ov! Better safe than sorry! Nothing worse than missing your window is there haha? 

    Still no sign of av for me! I'm 7dpo now!


  • No updates with me on my 4th seven seas tablet and just having sex when I can haha trying not to think about it at all I think it's the best way lol. Although am feeling super good ☺ hope we r one off the lucky ones x 

  • Hello for some reason I wasn't getting emails that anyone replied :/ strange!! I'm aching and the bottom of my rib cage is tender big time I haven't done anything to hurt or strain my nipples arnt sore anymore either I was told by my mother in law tho I look glowing and plump which was odd xx

  • Aww fingers crossed then! I hadnt got any emails either. 

    I'm having cramps today so I'm hoping that's a sign that I'm gonna start ovulating. ive just been invited to my ex's sisters hen do and wedding which would be around the one I would be due to give birth if I get lucky this month. I can just imagine going into labour during the speeches haha


  • Fingers crossed and that would be funny! I'm feeling sick this morning :( x

  • When are you testing?


  • I'm not due to test until 7th well that's when I'm due ad I tested the ther day and was a bfn which is annoying as my niece tested 2 weeks after her af and got a bfp :( x

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