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Reviews on Pregnacare Conception?

anyone have reviews for the Pregnacare Conception or Seven seas trying for a baby? 

Please let us all know 



  • I was on the seven seas trying for a baby for about 4 months but didn't seem to do much.  I have recently (2 weeks ago) changed to taking the pregnacare conception tablets as these had good reviews. 

    Did you try either of these? xx

  • Hi 

    Im 33 yrs old , been trying for 5 years, went to few specialists, tried IUI ,doctors cant find anything wrong with me and say i fall into category "unexplained infertility "  . I read about pregnacare conception online and was wondering if it worked . I read some reviews good and bad on amazon about it and decided to give it a go . I just started 2 days ago and was wondering how long to most people take it for before concieving 

  • I took pregnacare for a little while but I think it changed my cycle, made it a week longer than usual, 41 days! I've never had a cycle that long before so I think it was the pregnacare as that was only thing I did different that month. image I just take folic acid supplement on its own now. 

  • I'm on pregnacare conception his and hers. Only been taking them for over a month. ive heard fantastic reviews on it, so I'm feeling positive about being on it tbh. There is a thread on here about it too.

  • I've had 8 pregnancies using pregnacare conception his and hers! Fallen pg within 3-6 cycles every time:) Didn't change my cycles at all I'm 28 days as regular as clockwork with or without them! I take prenacare pregnancy right through aswell I've had 3 healthy babies and 4 miscarriages( nothing to do with the vitamins!) I recommend them.

  • Ive been on them for 3 months now and not had any problems or fallen pregnant.  Its so hard knowing what to try or what to do next.  Been ttc for a little over 2 years, although I had a mc in april. 

    Ive got a lg who is 7 and never took anything before I fell pregnant with her xx

  • I just started taking pregnacare tablets today is my second day. I have read amazing reviews about them. I am hopefully that a miracle is going to happen! Praying for the best!

  • Good luck Jaw.

    I have been on them for about 4 months now and no luck yet :( trying to keep positive

  • On my 4th month of taking these, on Saturday I got a faint bfp :) keep positive everyone xx

  • Hi ladies

    I conceived my daughter last year March a year after trying. I found out during my pregnancy I had 3 fibroids. I did not take pregnacare I started drinking juice using my nutribullet and my partner was drinking alot of supermalt and other malt drinks such as grace malt. All throughout my pregnancy I only took folic acid and iron tablets as I was anaemic and then the midwives gave me healthy start vitamins which have folic acid, vitamin D and vitamin C these are free. I carried my baby full term 40 weeks two days. I went into labour the day my period was due. I had an apointment with the midwife that day when she asked for a urine sample I had a bloody show. Went to the hospital and they said it was normal for someone of my gestation. They only monitored the fetal heartbeat and sent me home didnt even examine the cervix. I was having period type pains throughout the day. The pains got stronger at about 3.30 in the morning. First I was contracting every hour then it suddenly went to 30 mins. Called the hospital about 4 they said I didnt sound like I was in labour told me to take a bath and paracetamol :-/. When i came out the bath i could feel her head. Called the ambulance at 6am they arrived at 6.10am she was here 6.12am. I had a natural birth no pain killers and I didn't tear. Placenta delivered naturally at hospital. 4 months on I'm pregnant again. Baby due December. p.s. the withdrawal method doesnt work lol.

  • Forgot to mention my waters didn't break until delivery

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  • Just wanted some advice. November last year I was told I had pcos. Doctors refuse to give me medication to help me conceive. I read reviews about pregnacare conception just wanted to know if this really helps? I brought a box online but I am unsure whether to try it or not don't want to get my hopes up to be let down. Any advice would be great. Thanks

  • For myself and a few others it seemed to thicken CM which then made it harder to concieve while taking it.

    I have taken this up with pregnacare conception via their official complaints team and they seem to be taking it seriously and looking into it. 

    Just keep an eye on your CM when on it. 

    This is a reveiw section ......and my reveiw was valid...i have no idea why it was removed? But for a percentage of women ttc this is very valuble information. If someone else had not been allowed to share this same experience online, i may never have noticed it myself and known to come off it. Basically i wouldnt be carrying my little girl now at 32 weeks. 

    I wish you all baby dust joy xxx

  • Hi Soulmum16. Just popping onto this thread to say we did drop you an email when we removed your post the other day. Hope you got it? If not, or if you'd like to discuss the removal of your post in a bit more detail with us, please do reply to the mail we sent you or just drop us a line at [email protected] 

    And congrats on your pregnancy! Nearly there now!

  • Hi all, 

    I've just bought 3 packs. 

    I have a question though...the pack says take for up to 3 months before getting pregnant. What happens if I'm not pregnant after 3 months, do I stop taking or is it safe to carry on until I am? 

    Thank you :) 

  • MrsGrizz, you can keep taking them for as long as it takes for you too fall pregnant. Its just advised to take them for 3 months before ttc so your body can build up enough vitamins for when you do fall pregnant x 

  • Ah thats great thank you. Thought it might have been a daft question but was slightly confused!x

  • Hi ladies just wanted to ask if pregnacare really works as me and my husband are desperate for a baby, I've had 4 mis carriages in the last 3 year's :'( but I'm just wondering if anyone has conceived by taking pregnacare. 

    Any advice would be great. Thank you xx

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