First Response Test

Hey everyone. I took a first response yesterday and I one time to the far left of the window and one white-ish color line to the far right. I took another this morning and I had one very solid line directly in the middle. I'm not sure how to interrupt this because the solid line on each test was in a different position. Any idea of what this means? Thanks! 


  • Have you got a photo of your test you could post? ☺ 

  • image

    I think I see a faint line. Anyone else see it?

  • i don't see a line sorry 😞 Try again in a few days 

  • Littledaisy I would buy another test they sound faulty! Only one solid line would we negative and a white line is usually an indent (where the colour would normaly show up with HCG present) grey is an evaporation line you defo need to pink lines for pregnancy wether faint or bold:)

    Good luck x

    Itchypalms I can't see a line :( sorry maybe another test in 24-48 hrs will give a stronger line if you think you are preggers x

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