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No period after stopping pill but having various pains and aches

wondered if someone could give me some info 

I stopped the pill about 3 weeks ago had unprotected sex just under a week i have not had no proper period but have had loads of cramps feeling sick going to the loo alot. Has anyone experienced this before ?? Thank you 



  • Hi miss31,

    I came off cilest pill after being on it 14 years on 28th Aug, withdrawal bleed 31st Aug - 2nd sept and since nothing, not had my first real AF yet, On CD 53 😔. Really worried that not had my period yet and thinking somethings wrong with my fertilitry. I'm not pregnant although I would love to be. How are u getting on? Xxx

  • hi girls

    I am currently on day 103 since stopping the pill cerazette and have experienced a wide range of coming off pill side effects. no af to be seen yet. Hope you both have better luck than me! 

  • Hi Khw, 

    Thanks so much for ur reply. Sorry to hear u are still waiting for at. I've not really had any side effects/symptoms of a pregnancy or af so I think it's gonna be a while for me too. Have u been to the doctors yet for blood work etc? That's my next step for me. Are u ttc?? Do u already have children? Xx

  • hey Guys, 

    thanks for your reply's, still no period..we are trying for a baby but i have read online ( not sure if that was a good idea) that u should wait until your proper period but than some say you are more likely to become pregnant when you come off the pill? 

    So i think for me, might be too soon to do a pregnancy test! 

  • Hi miss31, 

    yeah doctors like u to wait till u have ur first proper af before u start trying purely so they have a better idea of the date u conceived / know how far along u are but I've also heard u can be really fertile as soon as u stop the pill so I personally haven't wanted to waste that opportunity and have gotten straight on it! So it's been 4 weeks since ur last period? I'd say its time for u to take a pregnancy test next week. Especially as u have pregnancy symptoms such as cramps, nausea and wee'ing lots xxx

  • Hi broodyblonde1985

    It wasn't a period, it was just the normal withdrawal bleed you get from stopping the pill but since than i have had no period. I know it can take up to three months for a period or maybe even longer!

    But in between that time i have had sex, but i couldn't help myself from doing Pregnancy tests at the start, but knew this would of been really early.. i will probably do a test weekend.  

  • I think defo do a test at the weekend. It's true, things usually start to settle within 3-6 months or even longer! its now been almost two months since my withdrawal bleed and while I'm waiting for af to arrive I thought I better do a preg test maybe once a week or once a fortnight just to be sure as we are having regular sex. I've invested in some cheap pregnancy tests from Amazon. I'm also going to start tracking my BBT and CM and prob invest in some ovulation testing kits to see if I can get a bit of an idea of wen I may be ovilating as have no clue at the moment! Xx

  • Will let u no how I get on xxx

  • Please do xx

  • Broody blonde I've been to the Drs but they are not interested until it has been a year! I'm going to wait until it gets to 6 Minths then go back and beg and see where that gets me. Hoping it doesn't get to that though. Yes I am TTC but no luck yet and no children yet. so you are not alone in the waiting game! If you find a way to get things going please share lol x

  • That's so annoying about the doctors, a whole year! That's like a lifetime wen ttc! Wen I go to the docs in a couple of weeks I'm gonna be very firm with them about my concerns and will not leave until I get a blood test booked in. Defo go back in 6 months and demand to get some bloods done as that won't hurt. Although like u said, I hope it doesn't come to that. I've been reading s lot of forums recently and it seems like lots of women have very irregular cycles wen coming off the pill eg 100 day cycles, can just take a while for ur body to know what to do again. I'll let u know if there's anything I think of u can do but I think u just gotta sit it out and defo get bloods done to check all is normal. Ibe read Angus cactus (or something like that!) can help get periods back but I've heard good and bad things so I'm avoiding that for now. I've ordered some pregnecare his and hers conceptions vitamins, maybe try those? Xx

  • I've also heard some women swear by acupuncture! May try if get desperate! Xxx

  • I have currently been taking Agnus castus for 2 weeks so far but nothing yet and I'm taking pregnacare conception too. But it may work for you so go ahead. Acupuncture sort Of feels me out but I will seek that as last resort. Can't believe how much trouble in having just having a af. But I hope yoi don't get this far. X

  • Yeah I didn't think it would take this long to have an af. Ive read in one of these forums that some doctors with prescribe women progesterone tablets to regulate their cycles again. xx

  • Yeah someone else told me that too! I think I might wait until end of Dec see if I have a period or not! If not Im gnna head down to the doctors xx

  • Also, no af can be due to high prolactin levels in the blood (hormone for breastfeeding) which can become raised when stressed. That can be easily treated tho I believe ☺️. I got home from my honeymoon this morning and the cheapo pregnancy tests and ovulation tests I ordered off Amazon had arrived. Turns out I'm not pregnant and im not ovulating. And af still hasn't turned up 😭😭

  • Oh no! Cheer up xx

    i did my ovulation test and nothing !! :( 

  • i have avoided doing ovulation tests as I don't want to upset myself further by showing I'm not ovulating just going to keep my head in the sand! Still taking pregnancy tests just in case as we are still TTC so just in case I ovulate before my period. I can only hope! 

    Been thinking of booking another Drs appointment for next week and demanding a blood test! 

    hope you guys are ok xx

  • I know what u mean, sometimes it's better just not to know and to keep hopefull while doing the deed. You could very easily conceive before u get ur period, very possible. I'm hoping for the same. 

    I would defo get docs apt next week. I could no way wait till end of December!

  • Yes I agree I think I will make my appt earlier! Only thought of Dec as it normally takes 3 months for a period to come back after coming off the pill! But I know it can also take longer xxx

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