Faint line on pregnancy test?!

I'm 16 years old and have been having the symptoms of pregnancy; nausea, fatigue, cramps, sore boobs, etc 

I took a boots own brand test last night and at first glace I thought it was negative, but after closer inspection I saw a faint second line. I took another today but it came out negative, what should I do?



  • How long did it take for the line to show?

  • It was almost instant

  • Do you know when your period was due? If it isn't due yet, wait a few days and take another test. The pregnancy chemical might not be strong enough 

  • I'm so confused?? Someone help, did this test safurday morning! Faint positive or evap line?? When you look at it in person the test line is showing a very faint blue line(can't see as well in the photos ) but I'm just weary because I had a m/c a while back and I'm just worried! imageimage

  • I don't know weather it could be just early days so it's not showing up very clear! As I took another one yesyerday and  there was only one line!

  • imageis this a positive? 

  • I would say so, but there doesn't seem to be any colour in it, so it might be evaporated. Test again in a day or two 

  • Okay thank you :)

  • Don't forget to update me :)

  • All look positive to me ladies:) good luck x

  • I'm not to sure if my one does lol, just thought I would ask as I made mistakes before! X

  • Any luck ladies?

  • I haven't re tried again yet, going to wait until end of the week so I can be sure :)

  • I took another test and it come back with another faint line, so i went to the doctors today they didnt do any tests or anything just told me to ring the midwife, and i got told to do a self referral and it come back that i wont get a call until 8-10 weeks in my pregnancy, is this right? I feel like i should be getting checked? 

  • Hi Chloxo. Congratulations on the BFP:) yes your GP is right a home pregnancy test is as good as a doctors test. A positive is a positive so yes you contact a midwife and they do your booking in by 10 weeks and first scan at 12wks and so on! If you have had a miscarriage or previous complications in pregnancy like I have you're bloods are done when a positive is confirmed then again 48 hrs later to check your hcg is doubling. If you start to spot or bleed then that is when your GP would step in to do hcg bloods/early scan at 6-7 wks which is when a heartbeat can be detected with an internal ultrasound. Hope this helps:) Do a clear blue digital with weeks indicated for your peace of mind. Good luck and a happy and healthy 9 months x

  • Okay thank you:) i am going to do a digital one tomorrow the doctor said im about 5 weeks :)

  • Let me know how you get on!! if your 5 wks you should get a 3+:) x

  • imagedid this test today ladies:) 

  • Aww yay!! Congratulations!

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