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Implantation bleeding? Period?

Hi Everyone,

like ever one I'm too eager to wait.

i just want to know people thoughts nand experiences with similar symptoms.

i usually have a 30 cycle without fail and get AF for about 5 days.

2 months ago I was 11 days late then I had a normal 30 day cycle.

now this month I ovulated 5 days after AF ended (8/10) and then started bleeding on 25th( 1 week early).

not like a normal period it was like a light period and lasted for 2 days, then for the last two days I've been spotting barely.

I took a test yesterday which was -neg.

does this sound like implantation bleeding and would it be too early to show on a test?

thanks guys.


  • Could be implantation bleeding, which is usually light spotting or bleeding. Have you tried testing again? X

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