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i just done a embryo transfer 8 days ago . I have to wait till the 4 th November  for blood test. Yesterday I done a hpt  there was a visable faint line . Showing a positive result. I did a digital hpt test today and it was saying (not pregnant ). I am showing signs of getting my period.  Has anyone had this happen????


  • MooMoo

    I have not been in your situation, however digital HPT need more HCG to show positive than others; for example - First Response need about 6-10 miu to show positive, whereas a Clear Blue Digi needs 25 miu; HCG doubles roughly every 2 days, so if you got a positive yesterday, you might need to wait 4 days to get a positive digi - I hope this helps!

    Good Luck


  • Thanks for the response . I did a digi test 2 days later and it says pregnant 1-2 weeks . I also did a early respnse and it has a darker line. I'm just testing everyday in hope it's not a chemical. Blood test in 3 days stressing now :(((

  • Good luck for your blood test, fingers crossed x

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