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two periods in one month is this implantation bleeding?

okay so my actual period came on october 7 - 11 and i was fertile the 16th -21st ( and had plenty of sex ).. hoping to get pregnant i was waiting to see if my period was going to come on which would have been november 4th but on october 27 my period came on again but it was very lighter than normal. i didnt even noticed until i had wiped and the blood was more pinkish. today is the 29th and im wearing a pad but the bleeding had maintained light and it seem like today is going to be the last day of bleeding, i CAN* use the same pad all day and it wouldnt be completely filled with blood. i took a pregnancy test but it came our negative, but someone told me you have to wait about a week after implantation to tell if you are pregnant or not. is this true ? am i having implantation or just a whacky period? please HELP.


  • I'm going threw the same thing my period ended a week an a half ago yesterday when I wiped it was a dark drown I had very mild cramps I wore a pad yesterday but it seemed to be only when I wiped and it was kinda slimy I know TMI I've been trying to read on these sights all day does anyone else have these signs? We have been trying to get pregnant forever I hate getting my hopes up? Help...

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