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I need someone that understand me

I been trying to get pregnant for a long time bow, had 2 miscarriage and trying again, am very scare and now I feel like am pregnant but the test say no, am very frustrated, I don't what to do, even the test said no, I still think I am, the only symptom I have is that my boobs hurt, now I feel like cramps but idk if my period is almost here, or am something bad is going on, plz someone help


  • is your period late? If not try and wait until it's due for testing it can show up quite late on. Good luck

  • Idk what to think am scare, my period it was supposed to be here Tuesday but nothing, now i have bad cramps and a little of blood but very little, almost nothing is brown tho but .scare 

  • It may be your period starting just slower than normal. I would book an appointment with your gp. If it's not af they may be able to explain

  • It looks like it's my period, am just scare cos I don't want it to be another miscarriage, but  more relax today, yester was bad, thank you, will see how it goes, I hope its my period, yester and today I cam see only when I go to the bathroom and clean myself, will see during the day

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