Positive pregnancy test?!

imageHello. Im new here! Just took a pregnancy test this evening. I'm 10 dpo and it's 6 days until AF is due! Been ttc for 2 months. Does anyone else see very faint positive lines? Or am I going crazy?! Xxx


  • I see them!! I am having the same thing happen to me!! My doctor said its pretty for sure, but to give it two weeks before testing again so that the body is producing more of the hormone (better reading). Hope this helps! Good luck!!! 

  • imageIs this a positive one? 

  • Carolin urs deffo looks like a positive test 😊 And row yours look like a very faint positive but I'd test again in a few days but try a first response xx

  • Hey there :) 

    i'm 19 teen years old and I'm really confused about my body. on the 4th of May I took a pregnancy test. There was 5 test strips in a box that I purchased from the pharmacy. On the 4th of May I took my first one in the morning. It came out negative, in the afternoon the same thing happened. On the 5th I did another one just to make myself feel reassured because I was a month late one my period. The same thing happened and I got a negative. Two days later, on the 7th my period was still late. I had Two pregnancy strip tests left and I thought I might aswell use them. At 11:32 am I took a test and straight away I saw 2 lines. As the time went on the lines got a bit darker and I knew there must me a possibility I might be pregnant because I was a month late. Later on that day I used the last test. My friend was with me and again there was 2 lines but even fainter than the first but still 2 lines. The next day on the 8th I bought a clear blue and it came up NEGATIVE !! Wtf?? I booked a appointment at the clinic for the 9th to find out what was going on. When I saw the nurse she said it was rare to get a false positives but the fact I was still late was questionable.  we did another test and it came up negative again. She told me to wait another week just to see if my period was still late and do another test. Week went by no period and negative test. 

    Cut the story short... My last period was April 2nd it's now 17th of June. No period, 2 faint possitive test but the rest negative.... Why is this happening??? Help me please image

  • Zenny, it looks as though that's an ovulation strip. It will show when you're ovulating:) that's what an LH surge is :) 

  • Hi zenny as binka said that is an ovulation strip it unlikely you are pregnant 

  • imageOk am i losing my mind? I took this test 6 days before missed period it's an early response test. I swear I see a line and it showed up within three to five minutes. I took a dollar store test and it was negative but I know those aren't good for early results. Help! What do y'all think?

  • Hi pm I wouldn't rely on blue dye test for an early result, try first response early result with FMU 

  • image


    Im new to this site and I see this feed is old, but i have children, but lost my daughter Joy a few months ago. I just took this test 2 minutes prior. Is this positive do you think? Sorry first picture didnt take.

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