TTC after stopping pill..confused..

I am so confused right now and would appreciate anyones help!

Basically I stopped the pill on the 28th September and had a withdrawal bleed from the 4th October-7th October. It then stopped and me and partner started to TTC from then on. 

Then I started bleeding again from 19th October-22nd October (I figured this was my first normal period) and then we started having sex again every other day up until now(2nd November). I haven't bled anymore and I have had cramping since 26th October in ovaries etc and I just thought maybe it was ovulation pains etc but they haven't died down yet. 

But past 2 weeks I have felt completley exhausted and tired just daily activities make me want to go take a nap, and I've felt nauseous and hot flushes. I also have felt dizzy when standing up and smells of food make me gag and want to throw up. I don't know whether it is possible but I could be pregnant? I know that I wouldn't get these symptoms from the TTC after the second bleed yet - but is there any possibility I could be pregnant from after TTC after the first. I read that sometimes your body can't stop a bleed if there isn't enough pregnancy hormones in your body and I was going to wait 2 weeks to take a test but I wanted some of your opinions?



  • Hello. I'm in a similar situation to you, I've been on a mixture of pills over the past 13 years and recently got married and decided we wanted to start a family. i stopped it on the 19th October and started trying on the 25th after my withdrawal bleed finished. My cm suggested that I was ovulating the end of last week and we tried most days. It's crazy how aware you become to any hint of change or bodily ache and pain. several  threads I've read are from women who have caught in their First month after the pill so it is possible. Fingers crossed for you. I'm currently trying to decipher whether the abdominal cramps I'm getting and gassiness are due to coming off the pill or ovulating? My cramps started 28th and were horrendous the weekend. I've had a lump in my throat for days too but no sign of a cold or sore throat. The cramps are less intense but more dull and aching especially when I go for a wee. As I have no clue about my cycle I'm pretty stuck in limbo until the end of the month I guess? Trying not to over think but it's impossible not to. Keep me posted how you get on 😊 wishing you the best! X

  • Hi Tulip and Emma

    I'm not in the same position as you both but I know how difficult it was for me when I came off the pill this June. I went crazy trying to figure out what my symptoms meant and read so many forums to find out if someone was experiencing the same things. So I thought I will share my experience with you and help you ease your mind a bit.

    Tulip there is a large possibility that you get pregnant the first month off the pill. So hopefully your symptoms are for pregnancy. But pre-pregnancy and pre-af symptoms are very similar so you will have to wait for 2 weeks and do the test to find out.

    But girls when I came off the pill I had similar symptoms and they turned out to be my body returning to normalcy. First month coming off the pill is the toughest. Even I had cramps, sore boobs, being tired all the time, nausea, bloating, dizziness, hot flushes.. I was sure I was pregnant but sadly no. 

    There will also be a chance your period might be delayed, which further leads you to think that you might be pregnant. My af came after 45 days the first time! I went mad with bfn evreyday and no af.

    And since then my af has been very irregular. Its been 5 months for me and no period cycle has been the same (45 ,29, 30, 41) . I've read that it takes 6-12 months for your normal cycle to return. If I would have known this, I would have stopped taking pills long back! Of course it doesn't mean you can't get pregnant till your cycles are normal, its just that its an additional headache trying to figure out your fertile window.

    I'm sorry for saying all these negative things, I didn't want to get your hopes down. I just wish someone would have told me this when I was feeling completely lost. I pray you both get your bfps this month. But if it doesn't don't be too upset. Know that there are many women like us going through these phases. And feel free to ask me anything. Will be happy to help :)

    All the best girls xx

  • Thank you ever so much for the info sunshine 😊 it really does help as I'm totally unsure of what to expect after so many years on the pill. It also helps me not get trapped in my head per thinking every change. It's nice to know whats to be expected. I've started to feel everything inside feel swollen and tender, it was uncomfortable last night so I think we will have to knock trying on the head for a couple of days. Until af comes or something changes. Woke up to cramps but they've eased now. no changes whatsoever with my boobs feeling. Maybe they're a tad bigger. Thanks again xx

  • its nice to know I'm not alone! Emmarose I was like that last night we had BD for fun, as was ovulating last week and it was just so uncomfortable I had to stop. I keep having lots of twinges in my pelvic/ovaries and also a lot of upper back cramps! Which haven't been pleasant. My boobs are also very sensitive at the moment, and I've had cramps for over a week now! Also thank you sunshine, I hope this month is the BFP month too! Good luck to you both xx

  • Sounds like were going through very similar things. Tulip is your belly always rumbling, like making bubbly noises all the time? Mine won't shut up 🙈 I'm more thirsty than usual and appear to have put on half an inch all over despite never changing a bean over the past 2 years. Af is going to be a baddun first time round by the sounds for me is that's what's going on! it's nice to know it's all sounding normal as I've totally forgotten what it should be like. xc

  • I woke up to cramps but they've eased through the day, they've been plaugeing me for a week. I feel them again when I go to the loo. Xx

  • Haven't noticed rumbling noises in my tummy - have found I have lost my appetite I'm not eating as much as I usually do. Have you had any back ache by any chance? Mines quite crampy. I had my first af a week or so back - basically came 2 weeks after I took my last pill. The cramps & period pains I had before it came were unreal, never had pain like it before. These cramps i'm having now feel different to those ones though but all could be coming off the pill but Im keeping my fingers crossed for a BFP this month! I'd be overjoyed if that happened! 

  • I suffer with back ache permanently so that goes unnoticed. I must admit it has been a bit more intense, see what my lady says tomorrow when she does my massage. I had Bowen therapy a fortnight ago so I put it down to that. I'm yet to have af, I stopped on the 19th and had my withdrawal bleed a couple of days after, feels like the calm bbefore the storm lol. it's promising your cramps are different, I guess it's that old waiting game to find out. Atleast your bodies getting back to normal swiftly. Fingers crossed for you 😘

  • Hope your aches and pains ease! I'm just hoping its getting back to normal &  maybe these pains are meaning BFP! We can only hope! wish you luck too xx thank you xx 

  • Hey girlies! I woke up today with more cramps/twinges in my ovaries image

    Are you having the same thing??

  • Hi tulip. My cramp and gassiness (lol) is horrendous as soon as I wake but the cramps eased off now only really piping up when I go to the toilet. I'm mostly bloated with that indigestion lump on my throat still which is SO annoying! Xx

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  • emmarose do you tend to check your cervix position? As I am TTC I have been checking my cervix. 

    I've had some bad cramps today and bad backache! It's driving me insane - wish it would all ease. 

  • I haven't a clue how lol! I noticed the ew cm on the weekend which went more watery and now tackier and no longer clear. I also began to feel swollen and tender when we had sex the other day. That's the only clues I have. 

    Oh no I hope you feel better soon. xx

  • How are you feeling today tulip? I've woken up with the worst cramping! It eased off for a few days after I think I O'd and now it's awful from my stomach down to my knees and by boobs are getting solid and tender. Just lay in bed sulking coz it's really bad. I used to get this when i was on my period so I'm assuming it's af coming to town, the stomach and leg cramps would lead to me throwing up night one. cerazette is one mean pill if the withdrawals feel like this and this isn't af lol!! Xx

  • Hello! Sorry for such a delayed reply in the day! I'm feeling much better today - backache has eased. Felt like af pain yesterday but only had a few twinges in my ovaries and pelvis today which is good as the backache was awful! 

    I've been checking my cervix, its gone high again after ovulation which is odd. I also had that last week - had cramps all down my legs & feet. They were awful. I found that the cramps eased after I took a long warm bath and Put hot water bottle over where the cramps were. I wasn't on cerazette - always forget what mine was called but will let you know on next post. I hope you feel better - bath may help all the cramps? if your a bath fan. xx 

  • That's a good idea!  Shall do that later. keep me posted how you get on xx

  • Hey emmarose! how are your cramps today?? I woke up today with a huge breakout of acne:( this never usually happens until I come on my af! So i'm confused! hope you're feeling better today. I've had no cramps - just little twinges. x

  • Mine have eased off today too, just sore swollen boobs and one massive zit lol. When is af due for you or do you not know? Xx

  • I had an af 3 weeks ago was my first normal one after stopping pill. So I'm guessing I'm due on around the week of the 16th.. Only a guess though. When are you due on xx

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