My Implantation Bleed was like a period!?


I spotted brown thick discharge for 4 days (very small amounts, black/brown) & then I bled really heavily for 3 days (bright red, sometimes it was dark brown and had clots in it!) followed by sore sore soreeee cramps, more painful that normal and I thought it was just a regular period but my regular period is normally longer as in 5 days (2 days heavy and then 3 days light)...

Been feeling really queasy after eating breakfast and Ive had a CONSTANT terrible migraine for 2 weeks straight - ever since my 'period/implantation bleed'

Also I have a super thick white creamy discharge which is sticky at times when I wipe?! I'm in my fertile window so normally this is clear egg white but not this time... I feel constantly wet down there which would be normal however its thicker that it usually is :O 

I'm contemplating pregnancy! Taking a test tonight, I know your meant to take them in the morning but if my calculations are right and I had an implantation bleed I'd be 7wks pregnant right now and that's more than enough time for HCG to be detected in my urine! :O SURELY.

If I was pregnant, these headaches are a clear kick in the face haha if not noooo idea why Im getting headaches as I NEVER GET THEM :O

Right here goes! :D I will let you know the results xx



  • hi, i m new to this forum. i want to discuss my situation with people here and hope for some help r advise on my issue. i m ttc from last 3 months, i wud hv normal 26 days cycle. i had ic near to my ovulation time. on exact 26th day...i.e 31st oct i got light spotting on and off till 2nd nov, no heavy flow nly light spotting on and off. today on 3rd nov instead of spotting i got bleeding. nd also having mild cramps. i always hv 26 day cycle but this time this whole situation hs confused me. was it the IB r m i having chemical pregnancy. i didnot test till now as i m still bleeding. thinking to test once it will stop. kindly help pls. i m really confused and trying hard to conceive. help pls.


  • Fingers crossed for you!

  • I got a BFN but a positive LH test... Meaning I am not pregnant but I am ovulating currently. So I had a normal period after all and I am getting headaches for another bizarre reason! :)

    I will test my LH again tonight/ tomorrow morning to see if I am still ovulating and will also do another HCG test in morning but I'm 99% sure I am not pregnant now.

    BT - From my own experience is sounds like a normal period as the bleeding came slowly then progressed heavier and then fluttered off HOWEVER I'm not saying your definitely not pregnant. Best way is to wait a couple of days and take a pregnancy test in the morning. If you get another BFN chances are you might not be pregnant and it was a normal period. Fingers crossed :) 

    TOYA - Thank you for comment :) xxxx 

    Baby dust to all <3 xxx

    happy m

  • but i always get my period on time i.e 26th day with proper flow on 2nd day then slowly it vanish to 5th day. but this time it started from 26th day light spotting then today as its 29th day i got the flow. so what can b the reason.

  • nwz thnks fr ur reply will post the result after few days once i stops with bleeding. 

    all d best all....

  • I've been having unprotected sex.

    Last month my period was 5 days late, which has never happened before.

    I've been experiencing nausea and I've been sensitive to some smells. I've also been having a few mood swings 

    my period was due I was having brown spotting & light cramps.

    the day my period was due I started off having spotting then I started bleeding heavy.

    i have been bleeding heavy for almost 2 days now. I've been peeing a lot lately which isn't normal for me at all.

    I don't know if I'm experiencing implantation bleeding and I'm pregnant or if this is just a period and my symptoms are a coinicidence. 

  • I meant the day before my period was due I was having brown spotting. 

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