Faint line in pregnancy test

Hey ladies 

Iv taken two pregnancy and they both show faint lines am I pregnant or its false test . M just really anxious be going to the doctors . Please help me ladies as my husband and I have been trying to conceive for a while .image



  • I would say that's a def postive so congratulation xxx

  • Yes the bleeding is much it's really bad been going on for two the day . 

  • Thanks you dear fingers crossed 

  • image

    Hi hope you can help me too...

    i am now 12 days late for my period.. I did three tests, the first and second were when I was late by 5 and 6 days and they were both negative. (They were the cheap paper ones) then finally this morning I did a proper 99.9% accurate one and this was my result.. Positive with a very faint line. The test first came up negative then The line only appeared 15 minutes later. 

    Really worried and stressed- scared to get another test in case it's negative again 

    thank you 

  • I have my pregnancy test and the results one is dark line the other one is so faint is this a possible to be pregnant ? I've tried 3 but its all the same I mean faint 

  • imageI'm not crazy do you see a line? I'm 9 days late 

    like 20 + dpo. 

    Symp of pregnancy 

    tired . Frequent naps


     food aversions 



    creamy  discharge no foul smell 


  • I don't see a line, sorry. Have you tried another test? 

  • imageWhat does everyone think about this test? I had to edit the picture so that it is visible but it is very faint... The line appeared without 1-2 minutes. 

  • image hello all I had my tunes tied 3 years ago. I am now on my 5th week of no period and very nauseous. Also mild stomach cramps. I took a pregnancy test just to make sure and got a faint positive so I took a second one to make sure and got an even fainter line. Suggestions?

  • Hi guys, Hope you can help. I came off my patch literally 2nd December after about 2 years and did the deed the following day -  3rd December. I had very faint bleeding today and have taken two tests, one yesterday and one today. I noticed with both that a very, very faint line appeared hours after taking the tests. Could it be possible that I am pregnant? I have never had a child before so very new to all this. Thank you 😊

  • I am pregnant image

  • Hi all very strange but last two pregnancys my second line was blue right through and found out very early but had that feeling I have taken tests with slmost impossible lines to see but what do you all think but I have had a period between tests 😞


  • YES IT IS A POSITIVE mumtobe! :D
    Hello everyone! So, I'm due to my period in two days but I've been having this strange "six sense" feeling that I'm pregnant and I'm not even ttc! Anyway, I took a pregnancy test and I think it's positive 'cause I see a faint line but also looks weird maybe a faulty test? I think I see three lines or is it dye stain from the control line?. I know I need to test again in a couple of days but I really need your opinion yo calm my anxiety please! image


  • Hi ladies im getting faint positives on pregnancy tests don't know what to think it's driving me crazy I had a bright red bleed two weeks ago for two days with no pain. my cervix was high up throughout and still is now could I be pregnant my partner had intercorse roughly 3weeks ago image

  • My partner and i*

  • Well my paint lines proved wrong I did a clear blue and I got a not pregnant crazy how my lines was clear but very faint image

  • Take another hun I would x hope things work out very well 

  • Hi ladies, I need some opinions, I'm going crazy here. Had intercourse about two weeks ago on the last day of my period, ive taken afew tests (see in pics) and the lines are faint? I can't work out if they are positive or not? imageimageimage

  • imageThis was my pregnancy test about half an hour after doing it? Can anyone see the line or am I going mad? 

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