Has it taken anyone a few weeks after missed AF to get a BFP?

Hey ladies, I am 1 week late for AF. On CD 25-26 I had what I thought to be implantation bleeding (very light brown spotting). Since then, my goodness, I have been all over the place with how I've felt - cold symptoms, flu symptoms, raised temp, headaches, exhaustion, motion sickness/dizziness. Yet I've taken 3 tests and BFN each time. Took one this morning and BFN. I go to the OB on Monday 11/16, but wanted to hear feedback if this has happened to anyone else. Should I be worried that I haven't gotten a BFP yet? When I go to the OB Monday, I should ask for a blood test, right? Anything else? I have had irregular periods (except the last 2 cycles have been 35 days) for 3 years and thought I was preggo in the past, but this time honestly I feel preggo and haven't had all the listed symptoms above in the past, I had more PMS symptoms before. This time my boobs aren't even sore?!?! The only cramps I get a very light here and there. Just twinges. Feedback please :-) THANK YOU!!


  • Hi, I am in the same position. I've had so many symptoms except I'm 33 days late. I read that it can be that your hcg levels aren't high enough for the tests to detect you are pregnant. Some women don't find out their pregnant until they are 3 months pregnant. Don't stress out too much cause that's definetlty not good for you. I have just been patiently waiting because I'm almost 100% sure I'm pregnant. It might just be your hcg. Good luck with everything (: 

  • Thanks for sharing Chelseakay1224! Have you gone to the OB since being late?

  • Went to the OB yesterday. BFN urine test. Going back tomorrow for a blood test. Still no AF. I don't know whats going on.

  • Has anyone else been in the same boat?

  • In the same boat. Sucks being in limboland. I'm currently 13 days late, last bfn at 9 days late but OH won't let me test again until he gets home from business when ill be16 days late. It's so frustrating isn't it. Baby dust to you all hope it's just a shy jelly bean. 

  • Thanks Kerrybear :-) I went back today for blood work, one of the tests is a blood pregnancy test that I will know the results of in 1-2 days. Still no AF. If I am not preggo I gotta find out why AF is so delayed and I have felt like crap for two weeks. Ugh.

  • Hi ladie can I join I'm cd 50 😩 My af was due 1-3rd Nov and just creamy cm and I threw up this morning other than a few odd pains left and right side I just don't know where she is and no bfp yet 

  • Of course you can Ladyd! I hear ya! It's so frustrating!!! I am on CD 49! Still no AF and any time I have had the feeling of AF cramps...its been gas! Lol TMI I know but I have been so bloated and gasey 😬 Hopefully our bodies are telling us we are preggo! I call tomorrow for my blood test results. I am praying it's a bfp! Nothing else makes sense at this point in time with my symptoms. 

  • Called the doctor to get the results of my blood work yesterday and had to leave a voicemail. No one called me back so I still don't know if i got a bfp! Still no AF. Just a feeling of fullness in my lower stomach. 

  • Got my blood work results today and the preggo test was a BFN :-(

    Today is the first day that I feel like I have constant cramps and discomfort mainly near my left ovary. So maybe AF is finally on her way after 53 days!!

  • Hi I'm cd25 AF is due in two days and I'm spotting. Any clue to why this could be and to remind you this has never happened to me. I was kind of shocked to see that spot on my tp. Any idea

  • Did you figure out what was causing your cycl to be late?

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