Am I pregnant

I'm 4 days late today with no sign of a period coming, I had a positive pregnancy test the day before my period was meant to start and then another positive test 2 days later, but I've had two negative tests yesterday and today, could I be pregnant?  


  • Was it a strong positive test or faint lines x

  • one was quite dark and one was really light as in I had hold it in right angle at the right light x

  • Sounds to me like ur pregnant. U can't get a false positive 😊 X

  • Thank you I hope so x

  • fingers crossed xx

  • I took a pregnancy test and the first line was dark then the second line was very faint

  • I'm now 5 days late and would like to take another test as I can't go to the doctors atm but I don't want to waste money on a test that could come back negative again 

  • Hi me and my wife are trying for a baby she ovlavated on the Thursday and we tested on the Monday and it came back positive then tested  agen on tusday it came back positive but when we tried Wednesday and Thursday it was negative she is showing all the symptoms like sore boobs darkening and feeling heavy weird cravings heating up but it's still to early for her period is she pregnant or not as it's still very early doors but some advice would be amazing thank you 

  • If she ovulated on the Thursday its too early to get a positive just 3 days later.... I think it's possible to get a super faint positive at 7dpo but as a rule its 10dpo as a minimum. 

    are you sure the tests were actual positives and not evap / indent lines. Blue dye tests are notorious for false positives

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