No periods after coming off the pill


i came off the pill 7 weeks ago. I stopped taking it mid pack, had a withdrawAl bleed 3 days later and have been fine since but still haven't had a proper period. I know it's early days but can anyone recommend anything that has worked to kickstart ovulation/period after coming off the pill?



  • Hello,

    I've had a similar problem. Came off cilest pill end of August, had my usual withdrawal bleed and then nothing for 8 weeks. Finally got my AF on CD60. Currently in CD32 of my second cycle and no OV or AF yet. I've not been taking anything to kickstart things but I've read a lot of women rave about Angus castus. Also I know your Gp can prescribe a progesterone tablet (called provera I think) to get things going if you have been waiting a long time for your period. How old are you and how long were you on the pill? Also what were your periods like pre-pill? Xx

  • Hi

    Thank you for your reply! 

    Im 35 and I was on the pill for ten years. My periods were always regular before I started taking it xx

  • My doctor said to me that a 21 year old your ovaries would snap back into action immediately ince stopping the pill but when your in your 30's it takes a bit longer to start working again. I'm sure your periods will get back to normal eventually then, just gotta give it a bit more time xxx

  • Thanks!! I really hope so! Xx

  • No probs. Good luck Hun xx

  • Hi all

    i came on the pill after 14 years and was also panicking about no AF. I googled many ideas to help it come and I tried a few. so this week I drank pink grapefruit juice every day, i had a reflexology session and it arrived! It could be that it was going to happen this week anyway but after four days of the grapefruit juice and also a relfexology session it could have been one of those as they are both meant to help things out! Just thought I would share as I spent hours looking for ideas. Good luck everyone x

  • Ah thanks for sharing. I bet so many ppl will find that helpful. So i went to the gp for bloods and all came back fine. I paid for a private ultrasound which showed PCO but the atypical form as had no symptoms. So I started a bunch of herbs/supplements and started acupuncture in January this year and 6 weeks later I was pregnant! I now have a 16 day old beautifal baby girl! It took 60 days to get my first period and my cycle slowly got shorter, the last period I had was 40 days long xxxx

  • hey guys,

    I have the same problem as you but I had the implant, only had it in for 1 1/2 but i was on the mini pill ( I kept forgetting to take it so had the implant, I had it taken out 28th of oct had brown spotting for a couple days after but I haven't had a proper period either I know It been a couple of weeks but im nearly 19 so I thought it AF would return right away type thing but still noting. worst of all I have really sore boobs/ nipples and have had really bad period pan last couple of days... so really hoping she will arrive soon.

  • Mine was about 60 days but I was also on the pill from the age of 14 (now 28) so I think these things can take a while. i know two people who are now pregnant and one took 3 months to get AF and the other 5 months. Both then got pregnant before their next AF so there is hope no matter how long AF takes. In the mean time try some pink grapefruit juice and reflexology i think. probably won't work if you're on cd5 and just impatient but may help after a while like mine. 

  • I agree, can take months for ur period to return but doesn't mean there's anything wrong, just ur body gmtaking time to get back into sync. Don't lose hope, all will be fine. It's just so frustrating tho. It's only been two weeks and ur body is showing signs that it's on it's way so I'm sure I'll get ur period soon. abd u have ur age on ur side. Xxxx

  • Im hoping that it does happen soon but then my doctor did say that it can take up to 6 months for it to get out my system, but here to hoping. :) x

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