AF due March? Part 3

Hello everyone

This is the new continuation thread – so, Part 3 –  for the wonderful, long-running Anyone's AF due 25th March Part 2 thread.

We've posted a link to this new thread on the now-massive, and therefore slow-loading, second part of the thread, so everyone can find their way here.

Here's to the new, faster-loading, thread – and lots more lovely chat (and BFPs)!



  • I made it!!! Bonnie - I'm sorry - I am hoping that once both of your emotions settle down things will be better for you and OH - these things are stressful - so don't feel like you are the only one who struggles with this - we are hear to listen and not judge - xo 

  • Hi bonnie312, we just wondered how you're doing today?

  • Merry Christmas - MFM friends - wishing you all health and happiness in the New Year!

  • Hi Bonnie,

    so sorry to hear about your news. I hope it will out work out for you and when the right time times you will have your bfp.

    Thanks Leahsmum for the Christmas wishes. Hope the rest of the ladies had a wonderful Christmas and are looking forward to the new year.

    Today I am 9 weeks and its all good. Not much symptoms apart from the usual very tired feeling and the occasional terrible heartburn and of course tender breasts. tummy is still hardly visible but I wear buggy clothes most of the times to disguise everything and at least no one we haven't told has suspected anything, even mu step sis and her hubby who are currently here on holidays staying with us.

    Pearl and MrsN,how are you guys doing? I suppose MrsN is just a few weeks to her due date, right?

    Have a lovely day 

  • Hi Ladies - well..... They say you get pregnant when you least expect it - Leah got a surprise -BFP - waitung now for her first appointment with the Dr. Next week - but according to calculations should be due August 31st - she is having some cramping but I read that is normal - aaahhhh - 

  • Wow Leah that's great news! A nice way to start the year! :) 

    Congs and welcome to the Aug birth club! :) will be waiting for you there! 

    Today I am 10weeks and I must say my tummy has now started showing a bit and I have even added 2 Kgs. 

    Hope all the ladies are doing fine and that soon we shall hear about birth news from MrsN and Pearl :) 

    Have a lovely day ladies xxx

  • Hello ladies hope you all had a lovely xmas and new yr glad is all is going well Jr and congratulations to leah fantastic news very happy for her I have a growth scan tomorrow and will be 29 weeks on Thursday and xmas eve found out my sister is pregnant yay she's not 100% on her dates but clear blue digi said 3 weeks + so until she has a scan we won't know she has her first mw app on the 14th wishing everyone all the best for 2016 happy new yr to you all xx

  • Wow congrates leah!!  Glad to hear things are going well for you too jr.

    I am 33 wks on thurs and have my last scan on the 18th and start my fortnightly visits to MW on next Mon. All is well and she is will before we know it lol.

  • Thanks everyone - exciting and scary all rolled into one!!! I cannot believe how fast your pregnancies are going Mrs. And Pearl - amazing - can't wait to hear birth news!  JR - ill tell Leah about the August birth club! How are you feeling at week 10 ? You are a few weeks ahead - so im glad I can see how your doing and compare/ease anxiety on how Leah's doing!!!! Keep me posted ladies - love to hear the progress - xo

  • Hi ladies,

    Been a very long time!

    Hope you are all doing fine and counting down the days/weeks :)

    How is Leah doing? Any morning sicknesses yet? I think i have escaped that bit :) 11 weeks and 2 days today. Its amazing how fast the weeks go :) My 12 weeks' appointment is on Tuesday next week and we look forward to seeing at least the hands and legs this time - well that is if it will show on the scan :)

    All the best ladies xxx

  • Hello -JR -  Leah is doing well - she has had cramping in and off which she is told is normal - but the Dr. Had her in for a scan and the embryo and York sac were in the right place - too early to see a heartbeat - so she goes back in two weeks!!  Other than that no morning sickness yet - I never had any so hopefully she escapes it - how are you feeling ?  keep me posted!  Hope everyone is doing well - :)

  • That's nice to know Leah. Glad its all going well for you and the bean is in the right place. That too was my concern when i did the 6 weeks' scan. I asked the doctor if it was in the right place because i was afraid of an ectopic since a close friend of mine had one not so long ago.

    I feel pretty fine most of the times except for the times i feel like i am having a bad hangover. This mostly happens in the mornings after taking the folic acid. I take the fortified one.

    I also do feel so exhausted in the evenings too. Yesterday i got home from work and just didn't want to do anything. I thought to my self what if i just sit here and watch TV till i fall asleep? That wasn't possible because had to fix dinner. Most times after eating dinner i just sink in the couch and sleep as oh watches TV alone, poor guy :)

    But otherwise its all good.

  • Hello Ladies - how is everyone doing? 

    Leah had another scan last week and everything was fine - they saw the heartbeat - phew- morning sickness has arrived and is more like all day sickness   Nothing super awful, but not fun - Mrs $ Pearl must be in the home stretch - and I have been reading your posts Jack Russell in the August birth club - actually I had written down your babies heartbeat and measurements at your 6/7 week scan and Leah's scan at the 6/7 week was exactly the same for length and heartrate - saw the pic of your bump too - looking great!!! Do you know the heart rate and measurements at 12 weeks?? Fun to compare - 

    take care girls - xo

  • imageGood morning ladies !!! I woke up this morning and had the urgeto test I wasn't going to test until Thursday.... but it looks like ive got my bfp!! I am over the moon and am soTHANKFUL this was cycle 13 ttc....and I've finally succeeded I will definitely keep everyone posted..... and congrats to Leah on her scan!!! So exciting 

  • Wow that's really nice LisaMuffin! Congrates my dear. I am glad we have now all got our bfps! Yay! 

    Glad all is going well for Leah and the bean is a sticky one . My bean's heartbeat at 12 weeks scan was 183bpm. We didn't get the length measurement this time :)

    I went through the first trimester with no problem at all but towards the end of it I started feeling food aversions and feeling really weak and tired. Have totally lost appetite now and I don't know what to eat whenever I feel hungry. I thought they said it should be getting better by now but seems for me it's getting worse :) 

    MrsN must now have one foot at the hospital as she is probably counting down days. 

    How are you doing pearl? Hope you are enjoying 3rd trimester. 

    All the best ladies. I am glad we still keep this thread going on :) 

  • Congratulations Lisa - so happy for you - yes, please keep us posted on your progress - 

    Leah is in week 8 or 9 and like I said struggling - I hope it goes away after the first trimester -  - I will write down your baby's hearrtrate for 12 weeks - like I said fun to compare - 

    It would be nice to hear from Bonnie - if you read this  let us know how your doing!!!

    Pearl and Mrs. send some pics!!!! 


  • image

    Congrats lisa so pleased for you, sending u lots of sticky dust for ur bean.

    Glad to hear all is going well for leah and jr minus the sickness and food issues. Fingers crossed as u come to the end of ur 1st trimester it will easy off. I must be lucky i never get anything but light headedness in noth mine. 

    The pic is from 18/1/16 i was 34 wks and she looks fed up already lol. I'm now just over 3 wks away from my EDD, scary.

    Hope Pearl is still doing well with just under 2mths to go and my thoughts r with Bonnie xxx

  • Beautiful picture Mrs. She looks cozy to me!!!!!! Keep us posted - I feel this went so fast ----- 

  • Thevlast few wks have dragged for me but leading up to xmas flow by lol

  • hi ladies hope your all doing well congrats lisa muffin great news I'm currently 33+1 and had scan on Wednesday and my lo is weighing 4lb 1 ounce and had a slight dip in his tummy measurements so got another scan on 17th yo find out if his gaining any more weight so there's a possibility he may be here early gd luck Mrs u must be really close now sending gd luck to everyone x

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