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Help! Results of pregnancy tests

Hi, I'm just wondering if anyone can help. I took 3 clear blue pregnancy tests. First one came back pregnant 1-2 weeks then I took another a few hours later and it came back not pregnant. I then took another one in the morning which came back not pregnant. I was so confused as to why the first one came back positive so I took 2 more tesco tests. Both came back with very faint line which I'm thinking is an evaporation line?? I'm also 12 days late. image


  • I would say you are definatley pregnant, I had that with my first pregnancy, I took a clear blue one day before my period was due and it came back pregnant 1-2 , then all tests and docs test was negative , and it took me a week to get another positive on clear blue again! , congratulations 

  • I would say they are positive, congratulations 😀😀😀

  • Positive!! Congrats hun!!

  • Thank you for your replies. Still so confused, think I'm going to do another test in a few days to make sure!!

  • I have read quick a lot about clear blue not being so sensitive but might be good to get your hcg levels checked by blood test at the doctors as you are so late and only getting faints 

  • I'd say you were pregnant! Congratulations 🎊 

  • I had this result on a frer (first response early reader) image

    and the same day I did a clear blue digi and came back not pregnant. 

    So the next day I did another frer and got this image

    then did a cheap £1 one and got this image

    pregnancy test can be confusing. Especially them clear blue digi ones. Some people don't even get a positive result when they are well into their pregnancy. Frer test are said to be good. 

    I just don't know what to make of my results as my last pregnancy was a chemical pregnancy. Maybe I am worrying too much. 

    Oh and I forgot to say that I did a tesco own brand yesterday and it came bk exactly like yours. So either try a frer or wait a few days. Xx

  • They look like early tests.  Best thing is to blood a doctors appointment for blood tests

  • image

    Can some1 help me can any1 see any 2nd lines in these pics 😕

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