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Seven Seas trying for a baby Part 3



  • Yes I've just started with ovia. Use fertility friend before that. 

  • I've ordered ov test sticks and a basal body thermometer. Should be here by Monday I hope. I like ovia app. 

  • I've ordered my sticks too! I'm just wanting to relax about it all but it's so hard haha!!


  • I've also ordered the ovulation tests! But according to the Ovia app I've got two days until my fertile window, so this month I'll have to do without them and just dtd as much as possible🙈 then if no luck this month hopefully they'll work next Month! Anyone else have the same sort of cycle as me?😊 xx

  • Mummytoeric my app says I'm one day away and normally on a 28 day cycle so I may be close to you. However DH goes away Monday so I just need to bd as much as possible betweeN now and then and hope for the best! 

    Hope everyone is doing ok xxx

  • aww my fingers are crossed for us all this month!!!

    according to my app I won't be in my fertile period until first week of feb! feels like forever away 


  • oh great it's good to have someone around the same sort of cycle LizzyP2! we've just been dtd every other day just incase because I don't know whether the app is correct or not and don't have the ov tests to see yet either so rather over do it than miss the window! lol does anyone get any syptons when they ovulate?? xx

  • I have headaches and bloating leading up to it (however not as bad now I have finished SS) and I get a little pain but only because I think I'm looking for it 🙈 Nice to have someone on the same cycle times. 

    Hope for more BFP this month mummy2littleman has started the year off well on a positive note xxx

  • Ohh I've been getting headaches, feeling bloated and heartburn today, maybe signs? or maybe wishful thinking haha yeah it is! do you do the ovulation tests too? im going to try them next month if no luck this month so hopefully I'll know for sure next month! 

    Yes I agree! fingers crossed for everyone 😊😊 xx

  • I started them last month and realized I ovulated at cycle day 12 rather than 14 I just got the cheap ones on line I'm too tight to pay for the expensive ones!! xx

  • Lizzy I agree can't keep affording to pay for the expensive ones.. apparently mine are going to arrive on Monday and my thermometer will arrive Sunday.  With the thermometer do I put it under my tongue every morning? 

  • As far as I know you do.

    i had a dream that I had a little boy last night! Proper chubby little baby with blonde hair and big blue eyes. I woke up hoping that it was a sign of things to come... But in the same dream whilst I was looking after my baby my partner was trying to kill a ghost that was haunting my friend so... Maybe not. But it has made me hopeful! 

    Morning everyone 


  • Yeah I've got the cheap ones too but going to get a pack of clear blue ones to use after a positive comes up on the cheap ones just to make sure, like mummy2littleman said! This morning I'm feeling very sick and stressed 😷 maybe symptoms that I'm due to enter the fertile window!🙏🏼🙏🏼 Xx

  • Could be mummytoeric, I did notice that i was very stressed today especially with my dh everything he has done the last two days has irritated me not ideal in the fertile window!! 

    Think I have a positive ov test today what do you guys think? 


    Hopefully your dream is half right Jessica 😊, sorry daisy I have no idea on the thermometer dh doesn't even know I'm doing ov test let alone if I start taking my temp every morning, he is very much I need to stop thinking and obsessing over it and just see what happens! Xxx

  • Looks positive to me Lizzy!! ☺️

    Good luck for this month I hope you get an opportunity to dtd before your other half heads off on his trip 😉 Xx

  • Me too he fly's Monday I've already told him we need an early night tonight! I do hate all this planning :) xx

  • Yes the scheduling of 'intimate relations' is a bit painful isn't it!! 😂

  • I agree! Im just goting to initiate it on the right days for the SMEP and just hope he doesn't realise it's on a schedule haha


  • Haha I'm the same lizzyP2 my other half doesn't know about the ovulation tests either, he says "it'll happen when it's supposed to" which no I hope to fall pregnant by mid year so that our children have a two and a halfish age gap so that they grow up together 😂🙈 men💁🏼😂  so yeah Jessicaw88 thats my plan too, to just act like its a spontaneous thing and not at all planned😂😂🙈 

  • I am finally up to date on this whole post! YAY! It has taken 3 weeks for me to read every post since April 2015 🙈 The reason I started reading was because I started having cramps the day or two after I began taking SS (I never get cramps. Not even when I'm on AF. Usually just my back aches for an hour the first day and then nothing else. So when I started getting these cramps I felt like I was dying!!!). That all went away after 3 or 4 days though.

    ive been married for almost 4 years sincs I was 21 so I have had the constant "when are you having kids?" question whenever I see my family for almost 4 years. I hate it!!

    we've been ttc casually for the past year but only started properly this cycle.

    congratulations to all those who got BFPs in the past on this thread. I'm due AF tomorrow but did a test yesterday night but got BFN so not expecting to be pregnant this month. When I get AF I will be ordering some ovulation tests and thermometer to start actually figuring out when I OV. At the moment I use ovia which is almost always exact on my AF but because I don't get symptoms for when I OV I have no idea if it's right about my fertility window.

    good luck everyone! Hope 2016 is our year!!

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