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Seven Seas trying for a baby Part 3



  • Welcome sarahsg hope you get you BFP soon. xxx

  • Hey Sarah!! Good luck with this!! 

     So Ive started temping from today and really using my apps properly! My partner gets a bit moody about me using opks too btw. Which would be understandable but he was the one who suggested properly trying! So I just kinda get on with it now. 

    a couple we know have started trying now too. They was doing the whole lets just see what happens thing but now they're properly trying so that's kinda motivated him a bit more now. They already have a 4 year old, but it's nice to have someone else going through the same stuff 


  • I agree Jessica my best friend has also started trying it would be amazing for as both to fall at the same time to go though this with someone. However I'm not sure how I will feel if she falls straight away and we have no luck, I will be happy for her but it will be hard. 

    im just glad I had a positive test before he goes away only bd twice 1 day before and 1 day of the + test so I can only but hope. 

    We talked about holidays the other night and I said if I fell this month we would be going with a two week old, he said no chance!!! Think I best hold off booking just in case 🙈🙈 xxx

  • I know. Holidays is such a tricky one. If I conceive on my fertile day then I will be due around second week week of November and we are meant to fly to America on the third week. So I don't know what we are going to do.

    luckily we will be staying wth friends there so if we have to cancel we don't lose too much money. 

    Fingers crossed for you that that has done it!! I really hope we all get our bfp's this month!! And yeah k agree its great knowing our friends are going through the same but I will feel a bit poop if they get pregnant first! 


  • Hi all! i am so pleased, we got our bfp yesterday!! I'm 5 weeks today by my maths ☺️.

    My symptoms are totally different to when i was pregnant before but we are not allowing ourselves to get too excited until we have passed 12-16 weeks and know the odds are in our favour.

    This morning I've had these sharp little pains on my lower right hand side so I'm hoping they aren't a bad sign and may still be implantation. 

    i had quite a few signs I might be pregnant though, so last Sunday I had shooting pains in my lower abdomen and my sense of smell was off the charts!! I was also weeing a lot (Tmi!).

    We are so pleased though. Just going to take it slowly this time and not let run away with ourselves!

    good luck to you all! Xx

  • Yay Emmy I'm 5weeks today too by my dates congratulations Hun :) our little peppercorns will soon be growing big and strong xx

  • Big congratulations Emmy so pleased that you have you BFP this month!! 

    gives us all hope with all these BFP this month xxxx

  • Ah amazing! So good to know we are the same amount of time along. Have you had any little niggles or twinges at all? Xx

  • Aww emmy so happy for u!!

    that really does give us some hope!!!! Bring on the good luck!!


  • Yeah I have had cramps and sometimes a stabbing pain. Also my boobs feel so sore and have gotten bigger already to the point I have had to buy non wired bras as anything else feels so sore in them xx

  • Thanks Jessica I really do hope you get your bfp soon! ☺️

    Ah that makes me feel better mummy2 as I also have sore boobs and these little pains. My right ovary feels like a dull ache but i didn't have this before and I'm hoping it's a sign that baby is embedding itself! Fingers crossed! Xx

  • Aww congratulations EmmyB85! wish you all the best! Like the others have said, it gives us people that are still waiting for a BFP this month some hope! 😊 This has also literally just made me remenber to go and take my ss tablet as I forgot up until now 😂🙈 xx

  • Ha ha I'm terrible for remembering tablets! At least twice last week I was half asleep and thought 'ah I didn't take my folic acid' and ended up waking up again to take it! Fingers crossed for everyone. Would be so nice for us all to get bfps this year xx

  • congratulations Emmy!! Bet u r really happy! How many months has it taken u to conceive? im currently on 9dpo. I took a test yesterday but it was a bfn. Really hoping this is our month! Af is due on the 23rd :) xx

  • Thank you love pink! We are so happy and just hopeful all will be ok ☺️

    We first started to try in May 2015 and got pregnant immediately, we found out at 5 weeks on 5th June. Unfortunately we missed carrier 2.5 weeks later.

    I then had a long miscarriage which lasted till mid-August. I started the SS vits and just felt they weren't helping me plus my body still didnt feel right.

    So I stopped them last month and switched to folic acid (like I did back in May) and hey presto we are pregnant.

    We also don't over do the trying. We only really try on the day before and the day ovulation xx

  • Long road for u both then. But just look at the outcome!!! Congratulations again!! I have just done a test with first morning pee. Today I am 10dpo. What do u think???????


  • in the fist picture it looks there is a really feint line but unfortunately in the others i cant see anything :-( i would definitely retest each day (if you have enough tests) just to see whether that line is still there tomorrow morning. Huge fingers crossed for you!! xx

  • I can see a line lovepink test again in a couple of days good luck xxx

  • Now I am on a PC Lovepink I can it much better than I did on my phone! fingers crossed for you!!

    Quick question but when would you tell your boss that you're expecting? I have a great relationship with my boss and she is also trying for a baby. Part of me thinks just be honest as I want to be able to take it easy and go to appointments etc but the other half of me says why blurt it out when I don't need to. Not really sure what the best things to do is! xx

  • Lovepink!! Test again in a couple of days but I am certain there's a line there!! Good luck!!!!!

    emmy I would say if you have a good relationship to tell her, but then risk putting a strain on the relationship. Especially if she's trying too. The other side of it is, if she is trying she will know that you telling her isn't you just blurting it out.

    sorry I'm not much help at all 


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