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Seven Seas trying for a baby Part 3



  • hey ladies im23 weeks pregnant and when i first became pregnant my boobs wre so sore and they still are trust me its normal i couldnt touch them so sore and itchy and you get alot of period pain its not period its because of the baby now that  my baby is facing down to my bladder you get it alto lol

  • hey everyone i took seaven seas didnt work at all for me so i came off them i went on pregnacare trying to concieve but nothing so we keepted trying and a year later in october i was pregnant and now im 23 weeks pregnant with a baby boy :) but i dont think any of these tablets help i think if u just try with out them you will get there in the end good luck ladies....


  • Helloooo everyone - sorry it's been so long! I'm back! I've been so busy with work and my daughter the last few months have just been mental - when I found out I was expecting everyone asked me to put my scan up - I totally forgot but can now say I'm 20 weeks with a baby BOY! Never give up hope those that are still trying! nothing worth while comes easy! image(must apologise this is actually my 12 week scan - have my 20 week one on wednesay - we had a gender scan at 16 weeks but baby wasn't playing ball and didn't feel like being photographed that much haha) image

  • Emily 😍😍😍😍😍😍

    Congrats. Did you get pregnant while on seven seas? I'm on centrum now as ss messed my cycle up. 

  • imageimage

    Congrats Emily, lovely news. 

    Ladies im going out of my mind. Positive or not??

  • All are positive congrats and it looks like the last is still to dry so that's a strong positive xx

  • Thanks Hun. Turned out like this image

  • It's positive Maria, congratulations! You can get CB to know how far along. 

    Happy Dust t 

  • Thank you my lovelies ☺️Xx

  • Congrats Maria!! Deffo positive!!!!

    ive just had a lady in my shop who had been trying for over 2 years and was told she won't conceive due to not releasing any cm. She tried conceive plus and got pregnant the first month of using it.

    and a girl i went to school and college with was trying for a baby since 2011, she was told 2 years ago that they will never conceive naturally and she has just announced that she is 20 weeks now! 


  • I took agnus castus tablets for a few months prior to trying to conceive as I have irregular periods because of my polycystic ovaries. I bought seven seas trying for a baby tablets only had one packet. The next month... Positive pregnancy test! Good luck x

  • imageDeffo positive now :)

    conceive plus is amazing. I used that 

  • Congratulations Maria, happy 9monthsimage

    AF is here! was hoping i caught the egg this month...guess notimage. Trying not to feel sad about it. 

  • Sharyoh I'm still waiting for af. I've lost count of what day I'm on and when af is due because I'm on hols at my mums and I haven't logged anything or looked at.ovia properly. 

    At least you can start again now. Xx

    Congrats Maria xx

    What is conceive easy? How long did u use it for before u fell pregnant?

  • Thanks Daisy87, hope you're enjoying your holiday? It sure will take your mind off ttc.

  • Conceive plus is amazing. It is a fluid that you insert into you before sex. It mimics your fertile CM, making it easier for those little spermies to pass through  

    I conceived first time using this with my little girl and second time this time. Although we didn't do "it" around ovulation last time as I didn't realise that I now apparently ovulate super late. Had I known this we may have conceived first time again. Who knows. But this product is THAT good. Get a little syringe from your pharmacist and have a go :) 

    baby dust to all xx


  • Maria where can I purchase from? What kind of syringe? Lol. 

    Thank you xx

  • Just to let u girls know about preseed too. Sorry to jump in. I used preseed after trying for 3 months. Used preseed which comes with applicators on the 3rd month and fell pregnant. I'm now 15 weeks today :) xx

  • Buy it off of amazon Daisy and just pop into the pharmacy or boots and ask them for a syringe. Just one like you take medicine with xx

  • Love pink that's amazing news congrats.  Must try these thing. I already feel a bit weird about inserting a syringe in me. Lol. 

    I'm gna order next week when I'm home. At my mums atm. So every time we dtd I put that in an hr before. That means I gotta initiate the naughtiness and dtd

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