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Seven Seas trying for a baby Part 3



  • give it a month and see if it affects your cycle and take it from there. good luck. 

  • Hey girls! 

    Started my first dose of 7 seas today! On day 13 of my cycle and been doing lots of BD the last couple days, AF due on May 27th!! 

  • Best of luck MaliniStarr - in a similar situation as you image and thankfully the cramps I was getting at the start of taking these tablets has disappeared - fingers crossed good news comes our way 

  • It's so exciting!! Haven't stopped talking about it to my other half, thiught id give him a break and girly chat to some of you guys!! 

  • its good to have support on these forums I know I benefited from reading previous comments.

    We've been trying on and off for the last year though never quite sure its at the right time then I heard about these tablets and thought I'd give them a go and hopefully good things will come of them 😊

  • I'm sure you'll have a little one before you know it! i hVe heard some great reviews!

  • It feels like today has dragged so much! Bet this is what it's going to be like waiting to get pregnant 😁

  • Hiya ladies havent posted in a while as was giving myself a break from trying, so still not pregnant sadly! 😩But still trying 😊 is anyone else from before had any luck yet? Daisy I'm trying the conceive plus this month too, fingers crossed for us! Lizzyp2 did you find out about the thyroid thing if you had it or not? And good luck to all the lovely new ladies ttc! Fingers crossed for us all 😊Xx

  • Thank you!

    sorry to hear that you will no longer be trying 😔 


  • Really sorry to hear that mummytoeric. Keep trying, it does sometimes take a while. 

    are you TTC your first baby? Have you tried conceive plus?

    i got my BFP on 04/04 and am currently 9+2. Don't give up xx

  • Hi all,

    Really new to this! been trying ttc for around 3 months now with no luck. After seeing great reviews thought I would try the seven seas vitamins! Only started a week ago, period was due about 3 days ago according to ovia app.

    Going to wait a while and see how I get on. 

  • Fingers crossed for you TCCChloe89 - the reviews on the tablets have been very good so hopefully you get good news soon 

  • Hey guys - so I'm in the 2 week wait - after my Opk on the 4th May all the others I did were negative so I'm guessing I ovulated on the 3rd May - put that into Ovia which of course means I pretty much missed my fertile window 😩 Though we dtd on the 2nd May so by some miracle i may have caught 😂 But to be honest I don't feel any different, no implantation cramps or other symptoms so I'm 99% sure I'm out this month! Ovia says 4 days to pregnancy test but I'm just going to wait and see if AF arrives as normal I think. Hope you're all ok!

  • hiya, no ive got a little boy who will be 2 years old in July, we desperately want another for him to have a sibling close in age, it took me around 2 years to fall pregnant with him, 2 years of not really trying but just letting nature take its course if it happened it happend sort of thing and now I'm worried it will be the same for the next one.. This is the first time I've used conceive plus only because I recently saw on here someone saying they'd used it and fallen pregnant straight away with it, I thought I'd give it a go 🙈 im having bloods done tomorrow though to see if I've got a thyroid problem which  apparently can affect you getting pregnant.. So we will see 😊Xx

  • That was me :) I fell pregnant with my dd first time with it and first time with this one too. 

    Keep positice, it absolutely will happen. You've had one child. It's just a matter of timing  Don't drink too many citric things like pure orange juice as it makes your vagina acidic for the sperm. Put a cushion under you after sex, use conceive plus and try and relax xx

  • Oh god really! im so hoping it works for me too then! How did you use it? if it's not to much info 😂 Like how long before sex did you put it in and did you have to put it right in or not? Sorry for all the personal questions hun lol I just want this to work lol thanks for the citric drinks tip also because I never knew that! and any little thing helps I guess lol xx

  • I'm debating getting Conceive Plus too - even though DH is adamant "we're not really trying"  Haha!

  • So after saying yesterday that I had no symptoms, today, on 2 separate occasions, I've had really bad cramps across the bottom of my pelvis, not at any particular side, but just all across them... almost like you get when you need a poo and hold it for too long (sorry for the TMI, haha!). I occasionally get these the day that AF arrives but that's not due til around the 20th according to Ovia... I'm on CD 25 which is apparently "late luteal phase"...

    How long do implantation cramps go on for? Are they usually like a sharp stabbing pain? There's been no spotting or anything and I have been SERIOUSLY angry today which is generally a good indication that AF is on the way, haha!!

  • Mummytoeric how did you get on with your bloods? I had another set done and came back borderline againnow waiting for a specialist appointment at the hospital. I have manager to convince my doctor to refer me to the hospital for a full check up to put my mind at rest and have an appointment middle of June.

    I started acupuncture a couple of weeks ago not sure if it will help of not but feel better in myself for trying it. Me And DH have really tried this month and I have patched up the relationship with step daughter so feeling hopeful. 

    Hope we get our BFP soon coming up to 12 months now TTC 

    babydust to all need some BFP on this thread xxxxx

  • I had them done on thursday and now I've just got to wait until Monday to ring up my doctors and get the results for them, ive been quite ill lately though which is why I went doctors in the first place, people would think I was pregnant by the symptoms I've been having like sickness and headaches and tiredness among everything else but I'm defenitly not sadly so who knows what's up with me, hopfully these blood tests have a insight! Have you tried the concieve plus yet? ive read some really good reviews on it, couldnt hurt to give it a try? 😊 our BFP time must be coming soon surely 😩 If you have got the thyroid problem then did they say it will be hard for you to get pregnant or is there something they can give you to help with it do you know? Wishing you all the luck hun! x

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