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Seven Seas trying for a baby Part 3



  • Thanks mummytoeri, I brought fertility gel from boots this month which is the same but the night I used it dh was not feeling in the mood so I will give it s go next month. 

    Mine is overactive (well boarder line) they have said that I may find it difficult to conceive and higher likely to miscarriage if I do fall hence they have referred me. 

    Im really hoping that the acupuncture will do something,it's helping me feel positive if nothing else. Also I'm going to start temping to see if that shows anything. 

    Really must be our time.... We need a new thread to start me had multiple BFP last time that happened. 

    Really hope you get some answers Monday Hun xxx

  • Yeah that's what they've said they think I could have too, a overactive thyroid, which at least would explain the weight gain 😂🙈 since all that stuff with the constant positive ovulation tests and the false positive pregnancy tests though I've been about 2/3 weeks late on my period every month, so at the moment we are still trying but I feel like somethings defenitly up with me and I won't be able to fall pregnant yet until something gets done about it.. Hopefully I'll get the answers on Monday like you say! 

    Really glad things are going better for you in life though like things with your step daughter and that, things like that will probably make you less stressed and hopefully end up with a BFP 😊 It'll be good to know if this acupuncture actually works so you'll have to keep us updated! 

    what stage of the cycle are you in now? Ive apparently got 10 days till pregnancy test.. But I think I'll be 2/3 weeks late again anyway xx

  • according to ovulation tests I ovulated today so about to go into the tww, however my acupuncturist said you can not rely on the tests and temperature is the best way forward

    since stopping 7 seas my cycles have got longer so today would be CD 17 and previously I ovulated on CD10-11 so not sure what is going on. 

    Helped building a bridge with step daughter as DH understood how hard it was for me so now he is bending over backwards to try and make TTC work for us. I'm even on the hen do on Saturday with the X wife - Wish me luck!!! 

    ive also convinced him to get checked out as this roller coaster every month is so hard to deal with I would rather know one way or another. 

    Kepping everything crossed for you mummytoeric hopefully we get out BFP close to one another. 


  • I know this is probably a silly question and in a tab embarrassed to be asking this as I'm already taking the tablets but does anyone know what the tablets are actually suppose to do? I can't seem to find anything on the box or internet 😕

  • Hi Danimarie,

    they are just vitamins that it is recommended while TTC, I took them for about 6 months but last couple of months I have just tried folic acid. 

    Good luck hopping for some BFP soon 

    Baby dust to all xxxx

  • Hi all! I was previously on here a lot but haven't been for a few months as I got pregnant in Jan and had some complications which I have been focusing on but finally we had our 20 week scan and we have a little girl and we are 21 weeks pregnant - hurrah!

    I hope everyone is well and that there have been a few more bfp's since I was last online!

    When I was trying I didn't get any positive OV tests for months following a miscarriage and then at Christmas I decided the 2 weeks off was my time to just chill out and stop mourning and try to get myself back to normal and it really worked. By NYE I felt so back to normal and I got a positive OV 2 days later and then fell pregnant 3 days later - so just try and relax ladies (easier said than done I know) but it really did work and best thing I ever made myself do! :-)

    Babydust to all! xx

  • Aww congratulations on finding out your having a little girl EmmyB85! Have you guys thought of any names yet? Hope the pregnancy is going well for you hun 😊

    Lizzy, your brave! I could never do that with my other halfs ex! But then I spose its good to keep the peace and to be civil if it makes your life easier 😊 Sounds silly that I don't know but what is your temperature supposed to be at when your ovulating? Good that he's being more involved in it all though It must put your mind more at ease with it all having him support you! 😊 Xx

  • Hey emmy! Really happy for you with your little girl! I did worry about you when you disappeared!! I find out the sex of my baby in 24 days and I cannot wait! 

    And lizzy it's so good to see that your OH is being a lot more supportive. 

    This is a photo from my 13 week scan, I keep checking the page as its great to see those bfps!!! 

    Good luck guys!!!



  • thank you all, I worked out to get him on side I had to swallow my pride and make an effort...and in return he is now really making an effort and being supportive in the TTC, I'm hoping that with the positive attitude I have from the acupuncture my BFP will come along soon. 

    Emmy sorry to hear you have had a hard time congrats on having a little girl.

    jessica I'm excited for you great scan photo - I can't believe how quick time has gone for you two!! 

    Mummytoeric - my acupuncturist said I should see a dip in temperature before I ovulate so I have started taking my temperature on a daily basis. I have no idea if it will work or not I just decide I was willing to try anything even spending a day with the x wife if it keeps dh on side and I can get to the goal!! 

    fingers crossed  is all to get a BFP soon 

  • Lovely scan photo Jessica! Are you hoping for a boy or a girl or no preference? 💛

    Yes I found out at 12 weeks that following my miscarriage they didn't give me anti-d and it sensitised my blood so if we have a baby with positive blood my body could attack her. Just been a pin cushion since march whilst they run tests and I have scans every 4 weeks.

    hi mummytoeric no names yet but we are getting there. So many friends felt the need to text me 'their' names just after we found out baby is a girl and it's painful because the majority are still arranging their weddings, may take a while to get pregnant and may have boys! But they guilt you into not being able to use names 😁

    great news your dh is more excited about baby making lizzy, it's so hard to get men into it I found. I don't think they realise just how excited they'll be once they get that bfp! Xx

  • Oh we had that exsact same thing with our son emmyB85, where I had a miscarriage and they didnt give me the anti D and I'm B rhesus negative, but luckily he has the same blood type as me and not he's dad! Also had the whole name thing too, before we found out the sex of our baby we had the name Ariana-Mai that id loved forever and then my partner told he's best friend, who's girlfriend was also pregnant but further gone then me, the name we had for a girl and then she started posting all over Facebook that she was going to call her little girl that name we had, I wasn't very happy! But then luckily we was having a boy and now I something completely different for our next if its a girl 🙈 So if you like the name then feel free to have it💁🏼😂🙈 

    lizzyp2 I'm going to give the whole tempreture thing a try next month, like you I'll try anything lol but hopefully I'm going to get some answers back from my blood tests on Monday though! 

    Jessicaw88 congratulations on the scan! Such a clear photo, I'm going to guess a girl💗🙈 you must let us know when you find out if you guys decide too🙈

  • oh did you? We asked for it at the time as we knew I am negative and dh is positive but were told we didn't need it as we were only 7 weeks along, so we went all the way up to 12 weeks with this pregnancy before we found out. When the midwife called she broke it to me with no sympathy and basically insinuated the baby (and all future babies) wouldn't make it - was awful. I could have punched her, I had a meltdown for days and then we self referred to St Georges hospital in London and they explained it to us and that it's manageable and we have sort of got used to it but I just feel so angry that each positive baby will be at risk and it's all because one midwife decided to play God with the anti-d...grr! I'm so glad you were ok and baby was negative! 

    Thats so naughty, what a horrible thing to do! I mean that's pretty bad to steal someone's baby name! I'm going out of my way not to but we have a shortlist of 3 and have done for ages and 2 of them are names my friends have mentioned But we had already picked them before...awkward!

    Jessica I think girl too! 💕 Xx

  • emmy that's so bad!! I'm rhesus negative too, I've got my anti d injection in July. I had a miscarraige about 9 years ago and they gave me the injection then too. But it's something that has always worried me!

    thats crap about the names, my best friend did it with her baby's middle name, and she knew for years it was a name I wanted. Everyone thinks we're having a girl, I'm hoping for a boy but obvz happy with either! =D just can't wait to find out now! =] xoxo

  • I must admit I didn't realise the seriousness of not having it till now! Im glad you've had it, wouldn't wish this sensitised business on anybody! :-( 

    I was so sure I was expecting a boy till my very first scan and when I saw baby I totally changed my mind! Well I decide to let my husband pick the name, he's very to the point and calls everyone out (whereas I'm more timid) so I thought he can pick the name and they can take it up with him. This of course makes me a wimp but it's so awkward as the names he picked are the ones they want...naturally! Xx

  • So many posts to catch up on! I've made the decision not to find out what we're having when the time comes and after reading the posts here I'm not even going to tell people what names I like, haha!!

    Ovia is telling me to test today but I'm due AF in about 3 to 4 days (depending on which app I go by) and I deffo have my usual PMT moodiness (haha!) so I think I'm just going to wait and see if it turns up - though some people have said that the Seven Seas has messed with their cycle so if I'm a couple of days over I think I'll test then! It's only our first cycle TTC and we only DTD once around the necessary time so it'll pretty much be a miracle if I've caught this month, haha!

    Hoping for BFP's for everyone else though!

  • Hi am new to this post I've been following all parts of this post. 

    Me and my husband got married in Feb and have decided to TTC, we've only been trying a month but here's the problem.. he just cant cum.. he is having real problems with it ive tried to be calm because its killing me inside. He has arthritis and is currently taking medication which he says if effecting it but i think its become more psychological.  Ive been taking 7 seas 2 months now i know i am so ready even my periods have come back after stopping the pill. 

    Ive asked if he is ready and defo wants a baby and he tells me he is, what can i do?

    Please help.. 

  • How is everyone and where is everyone in there cycle? I've been at an event in London all day with a drinks reception following it opted for Diet Coke which is very unlike me. Really trying to give this our best shot this month. 

    Mom not really sure what to say to help baby wanted apart from try any relax, did he have this problem before you started TTC or is it a new issue. 

    we all spend so long trying not to get pregnant not realising how difficult it actually is!! 

    Hope we get some bfp this Month 

  • I'm CD30... Had an OPK left over this month and did it this morning... And here it is - I think there's a super super faint line!!! Please excuse the windowsill - it was the only way to get it into the daylight 😂 Probably reading too much into it but we can live in hope, haha!


    Babywanted I'd say relax - the more you overthink it the less likely it is to happen - which is easier said then done!! Good luck!

  • Well it's been said before on here - but there's nothing like POAS to get AF to show up and it's so true - arrived at bedtime yesterday, not 2 hours after my Opk experiment, haha! So that's me at CD2 today... fingers crossed for a BFP for next month! I have to say I don't think that Seven Seas has really affected my cycle too much - it was slightly shorter than usual this month at 29 days and AF is heavier than it normally would be but it looks as though I've stayed fairly regular for now!  Just need to get the CF observations down to an art and the OPKs on the go again and hopefully there'll be a BFP soon!

  • Thank you. I know its probably the pressure getting to him a bit as its all very new, he does assure me that he wants a baby and wants it to happen naturally, I don't think he understands (neither did i) how had it is to make a baby. 

    Some lovely stories on here though i've enjoyed reading them all. 

    Regarding seven seas- did anybody suffer with light headaches for more than one day i've had one for 3 days now wondering if it could be that. 

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