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Seven Seas trying for a baby Part 3



  • i thought that was a pregnancy test motherofcats and was just about to congratulate you lol not to worry though next month could be your month for a BFP, fingers & toes crossed for you 😊 

    Lizzy according to the Ovia app I've got 5 days left until I can do a pregnancy test, tbh though I don't feel like I will be this month as we didnt DTD enough as my partners parents was down from Spain staying with us for the week around ovulation so i think we had it just twice when we could when he's parents was out of the house and our son was asleep 😩 where are you in the cycle now?

    on a better note I called doctors for my blood tests and got told over the phone that theres no further action needed with the results so obviously nothing wrong with me, which I feels hard to believe because of how I keep feeling but I suppose my bloods aren't lying haha 

    best of luck to everyone xx

  • Hey ladies long time

    I've just got back from cyprus. Amazing 7days away with my hubs and son. I was supposed to start af yesterday but no signs yet apart from the moodiness.and anger and short temper yesterday while packing to come home. Lol. Today I don't feel anything. I haven't got any tests so will give it a few more days to test just in case af does show because of my travelling I think it might be delayed a bit. But I'm day 33 and my cm is very creamy and thick. Hmm not sure what to feel. 

    Jessica that is a lovely scan pic. Congrats xx

    The other day in Cyprus I had a dream that I had a bfp. This is the 3rd dream I've had like this. Hoping it's true this time. We used conceive plus last month and I noticed not much discharge exited me after dtd. Sorry TMI but when I wasn't using it I noticed a lot of spermy discharge the whole day after we dtd. So hoping spermies stayed up there and caught an egg. 

    Seven seas really longed my cycle out so I stopped taking them. Hated them. 

    Good luck and babydustxxx to all.  Xxx

  • Daisy all sounding very positive really hope you get you BFP this month. 

    Glad your bloods are ok Mummytoeri, hopefully things will happen soon for us. 

    I was on a 28day cycle then AF should arrive next Wednesday but I think I ovulated late and last month I had a 31 day cycle. Off for acupuncture again tomorrow interested  what she says about my temperature. 


  • Thanks lizzy. God to hear acupuncture is helping you relax to say the least. X

    I go for reflexology and I love it. Good luck.  Xx

  • Hey ladies has anyone been having any particular side effects on the tablets? I've been taking them for nearly a month now and in the past couple of weeks I've been breaking out in spots on my face and wondering if they would have anything to do with it ☹️

  • Hey daniMarie, no nothing like that for me, but it could be different for different people? I think most people on here came off them and went onto just folic acid tablets instead if you are worried? 😊 

    How is everyone getting on? xx

  • Hi I agree with Mummytoeric I can off them as they seem to make my IBS worse. 

    My AF is due today but I seemed to ovulate late so thinking AF will be late. Tested this morning and BFN - how you getting on?

    how is everyone else? xxx

  • Fingers and toes crossed for you hun! I've waited to do a test purely because lately af is arriving around like two weeks late for some reason, but I did one today anyway, held my wee in and then rushed to the toilet and then somehow forgot to take a test with me and then half way through I remembered i needed to do the test and then I don't think there was enough on the stick, the line that's always on there came up really really faint and I swear I could see a second one too but again really faint, but then I don't know if that's just because it's a invalid test, so I've currently just drank pints of water to make me wanna wee again and then I'll do another And remember the test this time! 😂🙈 xx

  • Hey ladies. 

    I came of ss ages ago cos they made my cycle really long and I hated them. I'm on centrum now. And last month we used conceive plus for the first time. This month my AF was due Tues 17th but I was on holiday. The day we were due back and due AF I was really moody and angry but I was alright the day after. 2 days later on 19th I tested with  £1 test and the bfp came up straight away. I was shaking for ages. Showed hubs that evening and he couldn't believe it he just laughed and laughed and continuously hi-5'd me. Lol. I still didn't believe it is used all 3 tests and ech day the line got darker. So Monday I brought a digital test and got it written in black and white 


  • Nearly 2 yrs of trying and finally it's happened we can't believe it still and won't until we announce it to everyone. So my baby will be 2 months younger than my hubs sisters baby who got pregnant 4 months after marriage and I was devastated about it cos we had been trying for so long. 

    Babydustxxx to everyone.  

    I think the conceive plus helped a lot and he led keep the spermies up. 

  • Oh wow! Congrats daisy!! It seems like that concieve plus really works! If you don't mind me asking hun how did you use it? Like how long beforehand did you insert it and do you have to put it right up there or? I brought it this month but we didn't dtd enough because of my partners parents being over from Spain and staying with us😩 So I think this month will be a  bfn so I want to do everything I possibly can For a BFP next month, im fed up with the negatives it's really deflating😩Xx

  • Congrats Daisy so pleased that your time has finally come!!! 

    I think I'm out this month and next month I'm away through my fertile period without my husband so no chance or there could be questions raises 🙈🙈 

    hoping you get your BFP mummytoeric this month it's about time we had some good luck on this threa xxx

  • Congrats Daisy on your news - I was in a similar situation as you with regards to another baby in the family. Me and my hubby have been trying since we got married and my brother got married 6 weeks after us and they announced their pregnancy a couple of weeks ago. Completely over the moon for them but I cried my eyes out as I just wish I was telling my family that news. 

    We have been putting a lot of focus on the whole pregnancy thing the pst month and I've a few days left of the tablets. Af is due on Sunday so fingers crossed 😬 have been having some pregnancy like symptoms the last couple of weeks so here's hoping it's good news x

  • Huge congratulations Daisy87! Please do come and check out the Due in January 2017 Birth Club if you fancy. Be lovely to have you there!

  • Thank you all. Xx

    Warning TMI coming up lol.

    Mummytoeric I used it 3 times and literally just applied a load just before hubs entered me. I didn't use a syringe or anything. Just a really big blob on my hand and onto my vagina.  Then he'd enter. He did say I was using too much as it says table or teaspoon on packaging but I said I don't care lol. We dtd 3 times during fertile days. But I felt really different when we used that. Usually I'd have loads of discharge the day after dtd but these 3 times I didn't have any extra discharge so it definitely helped keep the spermies up. And he was taking wellman reproduction. 

    Good luck all. 


  • Thanks for sharing hun! ive got it so I'm going to try my hardest to get the job done finally next month! Hopefully I'll be as lucky as you was with it, but that's the second or possibly third person that I've heard of that's fallen pregnant using that first time, so it must work! 🙏🏼🙏🏼 I'm really hoping so! Btw daisy I hope you stay on here during your pregnancy journey, it'll be nice to see how your getting on with it :) xx

  • Thank you Mummytoeric. I would definitely give it a go. And hopefully I will stay on here. 

    We just announced I to my husbands siblings because I do taekwondo with one of his sisters so I needed to tell the instructor so we decided to tell them before this evenings class and they were all so chocked and happy. My hubs sent them a pic of my son holding a chalkboard saying I'm being promoted to big brotherJanuary 2017. 

    They were shocked and happy at the same time. One of his was like really!! Thy knew we were struggling so hubs couldn't hold it in any longer. He wants to tell the world. He's so excited too. I've started watching series 9 of one born... I was crying before lol. 

  • Aww that's the cutest, I dont blame you guys have tried for a very long time, I've only been really trying since January and it's already driving me insain lol yeah that's something we've thought about doing to announce our next one, either chalk board or our son wearing a big brother top 🙈 When the day finally comes! Haha xx

  • MummytoEric I spoke to my mum on the phone this morning and she was asking so what else Is new and I said my son is going to be a big brother and she where is he doing that then? 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    I repeated myself and she let out the biggest gasp ever!! Lol. She was so happy but had a stern word with me about my eating habits and the fact that I didn't look after myself when I had my son and that's why he came 5 weeks early next all that lol. Bless her she's a worrier. 

  • Ah Daisy87 congratulations!! You've given me hope that it might happen for me one day too 🙂 I've just started a new job which is much less stressful so hoping that will help. My family say I should stop trying for a bit to get a few months under my belt in work but I've worked the money thing out and it will be fine and we've already been trying for a year so the last thing I want to do is stop. I think it's easy for people to say who didn't struggle, until you have you don't understand. I'm definitely going to try ConceivePlus, it seems to have good reviews. 

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