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Seven Seas trying for a baby Part 3



  • Don't worry kelly22, I've had sort of the same situation with family and friends telling me to maybe just wait until the end of the year to try for another baby, because they know I want to loose a bit of weight and also so we can have a little family holiday just us and our son first to properly enjoy it and stuff, which is all good and well and maybe I would if it didnt take me forever to fall pregnant, with our son it took me around 2 years of trying and I've been trying to get pregnant again since January so it's already taken 5 months, who knows how much longer it's gonna take 😩 just do what you want hun you know what's best at the end of the day xx

  • How is everyone getting on? Lizzy how're you doing? AF just arrived for me this morning which im actually happy about because it's not two weeks late this time and atleast it's here so I can get it over with and then start a new cycle, we've planned to just DTD every other day this month with conceive plus just to make it happen lol 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 

  • Same here Mummytoeric, AF started yesterday on time as usual. I just got conceive plus as well. Hopefully it will help

  • My AF started saturday but only lasted one day so I have no idea what is going on. I have also ordered conceive plus but I am away all my fertile time without my husband 😩😩

  • So AF decided to arrive 2 days early this month 😞

    Honestly thought this was maybe our time as I was getting symptoms that I don't usually get with AF. Not entirely sure if the SS trying for a baby tablets did anything!

    I hear a lot of people talking about concieve plus - are these similar to the seven seas ones?

  • Lizzy, just 1 day? Have you had such before? How long is your cycle 

    Danie, conceive plus is a sperm friendly lube that mimics Cm helps keep it longer to aid conception 

  • Sharyoh- never quite 1 day before but they do only normally last between 2-3 days. 

  • Lizzy, i figured. something similar happened to my friend. Funny thing was that she was actually pregnant. You never know 

  • I wish 😀, I did test this morning just in case but it was bfn, just guess my body is having an odd month been trying for nearly 12 months now hope we all get our BFP soon.

    Looks like all our cycles will be similar next monthxx

  • Looks like it Lizzy, baby dust to us

  • really hoping this conceive plus works for us all like its done some of the others! 🙏🏼 desperately want a little sibling for our Eric to play with! He would make the best big brother, did want it to be a bit closer in age but 2 and a half to 3 years different hopefully won't be too bad! Just need it to happen pronto lol good luck to everyone on this cycle! What are you going to do lizzy about being away on your fertile time without hubby? Invite him along? Haha xx

  • I guess I need to wait a month 😩 my cycles keep being different lengths which is really messing with things I am planning. I had scheduled our holiday to fit perfectly in July around fertile time now my AF will be due a couple of days after we arrive!! I never thought this would be hard!! Thought trying for a baby was suppose to be fun!! 


  • How is everyone doing? 

    Mummytoeric, sharyoh have you used conceive plus this month? Fingers crossed You get you BFP this month. 

    Ive been away with my mum all over my fertile period so I'm out this month we dtd the day before I flew but he would have to have had strong swimmers to stay around to wait for me!! 


  • Hi lizzy, trust you have been good. I have been tried conceive plus a few times. It does make semen run out thru you though. Time will tell.

    Sadly I'm cd16 today and still no positive opks which is weird as i always get that on CD14. Been stressed up last week though. Just bding just in case. 

  • Hey lizzy, I've used the conceive plus yesterday but apparently I'm only in my ovulating phase starting today according to Ovia but we tried anyway just incase, so we will probably keep dtd every other day now using the concieve plus, I found that it made majority of the seaman stay inside me when I used it the other day, unlike before all coming out haha tmi!😂 Fingers crossed for us all, still got my fingers crossed for you to Lizzy as you never know! 🙈 Xx

  • Mummytoeric how did you use conceive plus? It can get messy

  • Hey ladies, Hoping for bfps. 

    I used conceive plus the month Iconceived it was first time using it. I just squeezed a load on my hand and put on myself before hubs entered me. I felt it really helped as normally I used to discharge loads after dtd but the 3 times I used cp I didn't discharge at all in the following days. So I'm guessing it helped keep the spermies up. 

    Good luck ladies. Xx

  • Daisy I can be very funny with things that g Inside, i figured if i put it around d exterior it wouldn't do much so I got a tiny syringe as an applicator. So it's deposited right in there

  • Hi guys!!

    i don't get emails through from here very often now, and then all of a sudden loads will come at once, so just been catching up!!

    OMG Daisy I am so so so so so happy for you!!! was absolutely over the moon when I saw your post!!!

    i found out last week I'm having a little boy (after being told 3 weeks earlier it's a girl, but it wasn't a proper scan we had it was just a quickie coz I was in hospital due to hydronephrosis-fun, and the doc said she couldn't tell properly!) so we are so excited!! Only 18 more weeks to go haha!! Hope everyone else is doing okay and fingers crossed for more bfps!! Xoxo

  • Hey Jessica thank you so much. I don't often come on here anymore as I suffer so much nausea. Awww congrats on your lil boy. Hope everything is going well. Xx

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