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Seven Seas trying for a baby Part 3



  • So based on that you are around 6 weeks id say. Mine was 13th Dec and I'm just over 5 weeks. 

    Will you consider an early scan? Maybe 8 weeks so you can get some peace of mind? xx

  • Yeah I have been looking into paying for a early scan closest is 6th Feb i might be cheeky and go with a 28day cycle and contact the midwifes friday and see what happens xxx

  • You may as well Hun because it'll give you peace of mind and also by 8 weeks roughly you should see more of the baby and heartbeat xx

  • Yeah I'm gonna be cheeky and go with 28day cycle I will be 5+4 and due 16th sept could days off least I will be able to contact the midwifes and speak to them about my worried and yeah it's £99 in my area at the mo so I'm gonna book I think xx

  • That's good that that option is available for you!!

    i hope it all goes okay


  • Just ha a call back from the early pregnancy councillor I explained I'm worried and constantly checking for bleeding and explained I was taking anxiety medication which I have stopped now and she said best thing is to have a early scan and she's booked me in for 9th Feb :) xx

  • Aww that's good then. Does it make you feel better at least knowing someone out there has listened to your worries and not just dismissed you.

    it really does feel like a little family on here


  • Yeah I'm gonna still be worried etc but something to look forward too and she said I'm welcome to call anytime and first sign of any bleeding or sevre pain then to go to a&e or call them if it's in the hours there open. And yeah I feel better with all you ladies on here. I'm gonna still take another test tonight tho lol xx

  • Thats great news! At least you can look forward to that date now :-)

    We have an EPU here too, I made an appointment with my GP to be referred to the midwives and also hoping for an early scan that same week.

    I also did another test this morning, just to make sure the '1-2 weeks' on the test had moved on to '2-3 weeks' and it had...phew! :-) xx

  • Yeah she was so lovely :) and understanding I was happy just to go and speak to them about my worries. It's different when ya mum or who ever says everything is fine but when a doctor or someone says it then it's different. I'm gonna do another test tonight not sure about a digital one tho as would worry if said 1/2 still xx

  • I just did an ovulation test and it was a clear negative so will be going for the next week. I can't feel anything when I ovulate though.. Although 2 days ago I felt cramps on left side of tummy near pelvic area. 

    I still drink coffee every other day when I feel like it. 

    Mummy2littleman hope you're OK and just take it really easy no heavy lifting etc... at least you got through to the professionals and they listened. Xx

    Jessica have fun in London. If you need any ovulation sticks pop by. I'm only on the outskirts.  😂 xx

  • Ha ha I'm on the outskirts of London too!

    mummy2 I know what you mean about the worry it hasn't moved on. i think we are just being cautious as we miscarried and we are sort of using them firstly to give reassurance but secondly so we don't go weeks down the line and find out something went wrong ages ago. It's such a worrying time isn't it! Xx

  • Yes it's soooo worring it's crazy!!xx

  • and I'm SO tired!! 😂 cannot believe how sleepy I get! xx

  • I'm super tired too but at night I can't sleep :( yet in the morning I struggle to get out of bed before 12 😆😆🙈

  • Same here!! I'm trying to train myself to sleep on my left hand side too but I always wake up literally any other way than on my left! Xx

  • Haha thanks Daisy! We're going to be staying in Borehamwood so I think Ill be able to get some from somewhere haha!

    im just gonna try and cut down on the energy drinks a bit I think. 


  • Yeh I think that's a good idea cutting down on the energy drinks. God knows what else they have in them. 


  • Haha! I am exactly the same I wake up either on my right or my tummy xx

  • Training a dog would be easier than training myself!! 😂 xx

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