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Seven Seas trying for a baby Part 3



  • 😆😆😆 thanks ladies you really have helped and cheered me up today xx

  • Just caught up with all today's posts 😊

    Mummy2 and Emmy I'm sure that you will have a healthy 8 months left of pregnancy so pleased that you have stayed on so we can follow your journey. 

    Mummytoeric I hope you got that man of yours in the bedroom 😂 

    Jessica I have a pee pot too I thought I was the only crazy one!! 

    Feeling Hopeful for us all this month keeping everything crossed for all of us xxxx

  • Morning guys! I used the fertility hypnotherapy last night. I don't know if it'll help at all (I doubt it) but I slept better than I've slept in months. So for that reason alone I'm really happy!!

    hope everyone is doing well today


  • Hi ladies

    just catching up on these and so great to here positive stories! 

    have been sort of following the smep guidelines but not bothering with opks just yet as its only first month and trying to keep it as relaxed as poss. Hubby thinks all his Christmases have come At once! 

    question though, once you get your bfp what happens next? Do you go straight to dr? I have literally no idea what happens other than the bding! Haha. 

    Hope everyone is well xx 

  • Oh btw to the pregnant ladies, or people like me who buy things already, tesco have got a baby event on with loads of things on offer 


  • Sorry willow I didn't see your post.

     in Hull we have a family planning clinic and as soon as  get a positive they get you to ring the midwife phone number and from there they send you a letter. That's what happened with my sister in law but my best friend just booked a doctors appointm and they went through it from there.


  • You can just get a phone call appointment with the gp or go to a family planning clinic depending on what area your In, asda have baby event too tommee tippee steriliser £60 a starter one with bottles etc :) I'm holding off buying things until I seen my little peanut xx

  • Ooh thanks I'll have a peek! 

    Im having a bad day! I got put on secondment at work and told that when it ends I'll automatically be promoted and get more money and so if I want to have a baby now would be the I've gone and got pregnant and today they tell me I'll have to interview against others for my own job! Hardly likely to give it a woman who is 6 months pregnant and just about to take the year off though are they 😰 I'm rwally annoyed as we needed the extra money 😥 Xx

  • Interviews are in May :-(

  • Omg that's ridiculous. 

    have you got it in writing that you would get the automatic promotion?


  • Oh no!! That sucks Emmy! But surely it's your job and if your good at it then what's the problem will you be going back after you have had the baby. Today for me is a good day so far kept my self busy ish :) xx

  • Oh no Emmy that's rubbish!

    thanks ladies, I feel completely unequipped for whatever is going to happen! good luck to all for bfps X 

  • I don't wanna jinx myself but I have a good feeling for these next couple of months. I think it's because I've started to give up hope a little bit, it's taken the pressure off me now so I feel a bit more positive haha


  • I feel quite naively optimistic that it might happen first time and I absolutely need to get it out of my head otherswise I'll be very disappointed when af arrives... 

  • You never know haha.

    i admit I felt the same. I remember lying on a sunbed in Tunisia thinking it won't take long! I think that's why I've kinda just given up a bit now. I know it'll happen when it happens but damn it I want it to happen now!! Haha


  • I can't imagine how frustrating it must be. I guess I'll find out in a few months! Chins up though. Just have to stay positive! 

  • oh yeah, but there have been people trying for waaaay longer than me.

    i officially started trying in July, so I had july, august and then I had a 70 day cycle so I missed september (I think) and then October literally had next to no sex, tried November and December we was both working so much it was hard to dtd. So now we are in January and back on it. So even though it feels like ages its really only been 3 cycles worth! Which is no time at all if you think of it


  • Emmy sorry to hear that, they cant discriminate against you because your pregnant hopefully they give it to the best person. 

    Jessica I feel a little like you there have been some months that I can't really say we were focused on trying really hoping for a BFP early this year, especially before step daughters wedding in June where the X wife will be presen! I will be going all out on an outfit! xx

  • keep going ladies you will get there :) I actually said to my fella 2 weeks before we found out ohhh its gonna take months for us to conceive low and behold I was already pregnant or a few days off. xx

  • I've just found out one of my friends is 8 weeks pregnant. Our sons are the same age. 2 days apart. We were in the hospital at the same time but I didn't know who she was back then. Now we're friends 😊😊.  She said she hasn't told anyone because she has had a few miscarriages since they have been trying again for no2. 

    Praying so hard she makes it to 12 weeks and beyond! 🙏. 

    And hoping I will get pregs soon too. 

    What is best time to to ovulation test? I'm havin a coffee. And my friend has asked me to come to Costa for lunch... 🙈

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