Just a general chat to see what symptoms you ladies have gone though😊

I'm 7 dpo and today I noticed that my nipples were more erected then normal, I've never noticed them to be erected before.. Is it too soon to be getting symptoms? Also I'm obsessed with salad cream for some reason and I barley ever used to eat salad cream! A bit weird I know! 3 days running now I've noticed a cramping like pain in my st and af isn't due to come until the end of next week. Normally AF cramps come in 2 days before I'm due on. I've also been having vivid dreams about pregnancy. Last night I had a dream about giving birth in my mums car in the middle of nowhere.. Has anyone else experienced vivid dreams? Or is it just me thinking myself stupid. 

Appreciate all answers, and good luck if you're ttc 😊



  •  Hi my first and only pregnancy ended in Miscarriage duse to a thyroid issue I didn't know I had but my symptoms were so subtle I thought there were none. Until I looked back :) mine were: tiny moment of nausea at about 7dpo. I thought oh I can't be pregnant it's my vitamin that made me feel that way with this coffee. I will always remember where I was standing when I thought that. next day I was emotional I didn't notice but my husband did. I also had baby brain I could not remember my SIL's name haha. On 9dpo BFP. I know I was about 9dpo because I only say my husband on weekends that month due to my work schedule so we only BD'd 8 times total.   I had no good CM and was super stressed due to work and I was def knocked up. :) best of luck to you. 

  • Thankyou for replying, I found out Sunday just gone that I am in fact pregnant :) xx

  • Congrats Chloe6897.. Did you take a test and found out or went to the doctors? I am at cycle day 16 and noticing milky white slightly watery discharge, I read in other sites that it is early pregnancy sign. Just wondering did you had it? 

  • hey guys I'm kinda new to this but I need some advice if possible .. I'm not sure if Im experiencing implantation bleeding or if it's my regular period but the last date of my ovulation which was the 2nd of this month me and my boyfriend had intercorce earlier on the that day like 6 days later on the 9th I started to spot light pink nd brown mind you this is 4 days early before my regular period suppose To come and I hAve a normal 28 day cycle my period was suppose to come today on the 14th which i am bleeding still from the 9th until today which actually makes 6 days that I've been spotting not now bleeding but it's now a bright red with a little cramping it's alittle in the toilet when I pee but not much when I whip please help I'm not sure weather its my regular period that came early or its implantation bleeding so confusing this is .. its something i want but something I'm scared to find out what do you think ???? 

  • Hello lady's need some advice the period I had last month was for only one day. My breast are tinder, my tummy said no to a chocolate cake and I never say no to chocolate. Ive taken two pregnancy test and both day negative. Dr said to wait two weeks and check back. when I check back should I ask for blood test. If things haven't changed.

  • Hi Ladies, can you gals help me out please... I've been feeling sick, emotional, extremely exhausted and my breasts have been super sore which is extremely strange for me as even when in went through puberty they never hurted.. This has been going on for about a week now. I took a pregnancy test on Tuesday  but it came back negative. My symptoms have only been getting worse. I took another test Friday morning and again it was negative. I don't know do i go to the doctor and sound like a crazy woman if i get blood tests done and  they come back negative or just wait a few more days and take another home test...I'm also freaking out as I'm only 18 and with my boyfriend 9months who made it crystal clear from day one that he doesn't want children!! 

  • Hi! I am currently 9 days dpo according to my charting and these are the symptoms I've had so far:

    - full, sore breasts since 5 days DPO, increasing in soreness. Yesterday, my husband asked if my breasts had gotten bigger. VERY vivid pregnancy dreams for the past 7 days ( wierd as I don't dream that much)

    - 6 DPO- dark brown discharge on panty liner after exercising, little bit on tissue after that but nothing else

    -7 DPO- morning nausea, hungry, very sore breasts, mild cramping, BFN

    - 8 DPO- sore, full breasts, pulling sensation under belly button, hungry, tired

    -  9 DPO- BFN with FMU ( cheap test), sore, full breasts and pulling sensation below belly button

    Probably going to stop testing for a few days as I feel like I am driving myself nuts.

  • Hi can someone give me some advice. periodnis due tomorrow but haven't had any of my usual signs. Had for the last two weeks (it will be in Saturday) sore, tender and heavy boobs, sensitive and erect nipples, going off food because am bloated then being starving, and had weird cramps in my stomach. Some feel like normal period pains, but others feel like a tugging/stabbing sensation. And also cramps in my side. Have done tests but they have said negative. what do I do? Go the doctors or wait and see if my period starts tomorrow? Xx

  • Hi ladies, so I have come off the pill after being on it a year previous to that the injection for 5 years I have had one period since but this month started getting hot flushes I thought I would do a test my period isn't due until 6 days I see a positive faint line what do you guys think help thankyou!image

  • Hey I been have the same sign and idk what to do I had a blood test but its only five days late and everything is negative so idk what to do because I think I am I been throwing up stop I think I need to wait and then come back to the Doctor for a test again  what should I do plz some one help me 

  • Hey I need help I had  a blood test and it came back negative but I really think I am I only five days late and don't now what to do can some one plz help 

  • I had 4 test one at a medical clinic. Then went to the doctors and the nurse did one and said it was inconclusive. I did another last night it came up positive and I have just done a clear blue digital and its come up 2/3 weeks so docs will say 4/5 I still have 2 fays before my period is due to. I haven't had no sickness just weeing frequently and very hungry but can eat load's. X

  • I don't know if I'm just being silly but I'm sure I'm having the symptoms of being pregnant..

    im only 19 but I've got a really bloated stomach and pains and some acid reflux, my breast are very tender to touch and im just generally feeling sick and also very tired! my emotions seem to be all over the place and have angry spells..

    I finished my period on the 13th May and have been having sex since with my boyfriend of 3 years since. 

    id really appricate some feedback. thank you, 

    Lil x

  • I have had my implant taken out about over a month ago.. Haven't come on my period... me and my partner have been trying for a baby, I done a test 3 days okay and it come up with (positive) I done a the clear blue didgital yesterday and just now and it's saying not pregnant... i just don't know why it would say Yes on one and no on the others!!!! Help me guys!!!!image

  • try waiting another week as it might be to early.... It's just probaly to early come show... Good luck 

  • Hi So, I have irregular periods, so it's common for me to skip my period from time to time, but I've also noticed for the past week my breast seem to feel fuller and look noticeably bigger and have been very sore and the nipples are even more sore, and I feel like my sense of smell has been heightened. I've also feel like my body just feels weird.. But I took a test and it was negative! Could I be pregnant and testing too early? 

  • You cannot have a false positive. But you can have a false negative test. You might want to go to a doctor and have the blood test done, it's more accurate !

  • Hi ladies

    Hope you are well. I just need some assistance, so i've been on the pill for a few years now already and in the last 4 weeks i have taken the vitamin b injection to assitance in boosting my energy levels (but only took 3 instead of 4). I skipped my pill last Friday 27th, i was supposed to get my periods yesterday (this happens like clock work each month) however i still haven't gotten my periods.

    About 2 weeks ago i had breast pain where my breasts felt heavy once i got up from the bed and i am currently experiencing the period pains but with no periods.

    Is there any possibility of me being pregnant? If so, how long should i wait before doing a test?

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