Extremely faint line on pregnancy test?

Hello all, so I'll get straight to it. I took a first response test yesterday, and at first it looked negative, but after taking a second look I noticed a VERY faint line. So faint I thought I was imagining it. I know there have been many posts about this as I have been googling this since yesterday. I took two more tests, one yesterday evening and one this morning, and they were both the same. All within the allotted time, too. So I don't see how it could be an evap line. I know the obvious answer is to test again, but I don't want to until I know it would be a more definite positive. So I'm just wondering if there's any other reason there might be a line there? It was too faint to have any color. Could it possibly just be where the line is supposed to be if it's positive? Or is any line, no matter how faint it appears always positive? Thanks in advance, I just want to know either way as soon as possible. But don't want to spend the next few days worrying over nothing. Also, I'm on the pill but my periods have been weird and sporadic lately so I have no idea how many DPO I am.


  • Do you have a picture If your test? 

    i tested before my period was due with first response and nothing came up.. The day after i used clear blue got two faint lines you literally couldn't see!!!!! 

    The next day I done another clear blue,. Faint line again but you could hardly see it.. I edited it on my phone and it was clear there was two lines..

    still not convinced I bought a clear blue digital and first response 

    the digital said "not pregnant" the FR had two clear pink lines... 

    You can go on and on forever.. And I'm definetly pregnsnt😛 i think all tests work different for people xxxx

  • Sometimes when you hold it in a certain light the plastic on the back of the test looks like a line.  Best to wait another day or two and test with first morning urine.  

  • Okay I need someone to tell me if this is a faint line, evap line, or BFN.

  • Can you post a photo of the test reginaalynn 

  • It won't let me upload it.

  • I see a second line Regina looks hopeful.  Have you / can you test again with first morning urine? Where are you in your cycle how far from af? 

  • I am curious about mine I just took as well. This is my second time doing IVF and my transfer was on Sunday the 24. I took A test and I see a very faint line?? What's everyone else's thought on this?? image 

    its very hard to see but it's there

  • my first round of IVF was unsuccessfu. This was a natural frozen embryos transfer cycle 

  • I see a line but not clear enough to see if it's pink or white.  

  • It's a very like pink 

  • I can see a pink line maybe test again on Saturday makes it nearly to weeks since it was put in i don't know the right words. Good luck hope u have a sticky bean 

  • Looks promising Joyce, how long after you took that test did you take the picture?

    i agree with the other ladies I'd take another in a couple of days and if you are pregnant you will see progression in the darkness of the second line

  • Thank you. I took the pic about 10 mins after. And I certainly will. crossing my fingers 😊 

  • Ok looks good! Good luck for your next test! Dont forget to update us

  • congrats Joyce I can def see a second 

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