Am I pregnant?!

hi everyone, I am new to this site and wouled love some advise, my husband and I have been trying for a baby for about 5 months. With no luck at all, today, five days before my period I thought I would test, just to see, so impatient! And I got a faint line on the test...what do you all think and what should I do next?

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  • That line is actually really clear, it has colour so I would say without a doubt positive.  

    You could either get a clear blue digital and test in a couple of days or so time as your hcg levels should rise and be picked up on, they aren't usual so sensitive those tests.  Then book with your doctor to have pregnancy confirmed

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    Thanks so much for Replying. Yeh it's clearly a line just trying not to get excited as I am still 5 days before AF is due. fingers crossed! Xxx

  • Fingers crossed for you 

  • Hi, if you try a clear blue digital its best to test day after your AF is due as they are not as sensitive as the non-digital ones. Best of luck!

  • Thanks for your advise, im just terribly impatient. Are the first response ones any more sensitive? I guess I'll just have to wait a few days haha xxx

  • Apparently first response are one of the most sensitive brands

  • I have the same problem hun 

  • So I did another test today and got this....what do you think ladies? Pregnant or just an Evap line?image 

  • It has colour and is bold but still very faint.  were both of your tests with fmu? 

  • No this was this evening, should I be testing from fmu each time? 

  • fmu is said to be the strongest because it's held in the body without being diluted by drinking whilst you are asleep in theory longer than it would in the day,  so you should test with that

  • So ladies...I painfull waited a week And did a test today...what do you think?!image

  • Very bfp congratulations 

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    Can anyone else see a faint line on this test? What does it mean I've took 3 of these test and all come out with a faint line but took a clear blue digital yesterday which said not pregnant HELP please partner is really excited but I'm not convinced and second guessing myself to whether it's a positive or negative result 

    Many thanks for any one who reply 

  • It looks like dye hasn't finished clearing ?

  • Clear blue digital tend not to be so sensitive as some early tests.  how far from expect period are you? 

    This is the negative version it shows a lot of due remaining but I can also see what could possibly be a faint line 


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    This is the same test just the photo was taken about 5 mins after the other one I'm not quite sure when I'm due on I think it's this weekend coming but my periods have been a bit all over the place lately 

    Thanks for you quick reply 

  • I think I can see something.  wouldnt like to say it's positive because I'm not sure and that line isn't strong enough.  

    If you are the line should get darker When you test over the coming days.  Testing with first morning urine will give you the strongest result. 

    a lot of ladies swear by first response brandof test for early testing.  

    I know it's hard but getting excited before your missed period /early on can lead to heart break as chemical pregnancies are also extremely common 

  • image  This was the negative picture of the second photo 

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